What are the different values ​​of color of vegetables and fruits?

Did you know that the colors Contained in plants are useful and play a role as well as vitamins ever. Marfar Guason,
who is interested in plant chemistry, has separated them roughly enough to be easily understood as follows.

Red substance.

It contains Cycopene as the red pigment in watermelon, tomato, betacycin, gives red color in pomegranate, beetroot and canberry. Both of these substances. They are antioxidants, or Antioxydants, that help prevent the development of many cancers

Orange substances.

 vegetables and fruits such as papaya and carrots contain betacarotene, which is potent. Antioxidant This is the formation of Ma Meng, pale white people who eat a lot of papaya or carrots, their skin looks beautiful yellow. The Ministry of Agriculture The United States declares that eating 2-3 carrots per day will help lower cholesterol levels. Or fat in the blood Thai people who have been experimenting with eating impulsive papaya for up to 2 years will help change skin color. The blemish function can be cured without having to rely on anti-blemish cream at all

Yellow substance.

Lutein Pigment is a yellow substance that gives color to corn, helping to prevent the degeneration or light color of the retina eyes. Which is one of the reasons That makes the elderly invisible.

Green Pigment

Chlorophyll is a substance that gives green to vegetables. Green vegetables For vegetables, vegetables that are dark green have more chlorophyll, such as gourd, kale, broccoli, Cha Plu, Centella, etc., and chlorophyll. Is very valuable Scientists say When chlorophyll is digested It has a very strong power in the prevention of cancer. It also eliminates Various foul odors in people with

purple substances 

The purple plant contains anthocyanin (anthocyanin), which gives the purple color. What you see in pea flowers, cabbage, apple skin, maui, eggplant, blackberry, blueberry, scientists have discovered that This substance helps to neutralize the substance. The substance and substance Anthocyanin is also active in the expansion of blood vessels. Reduces the risk In heart disease And paralysis too .

YoYo symptoms , effects and negative effects on the body

The body into the cycle of weight swings up and down Inevitably affects health as described above Causing the consequences including

1. Become fatter than before.

When we diet An abnormally rapid decrease in fat mass Leptin, which makes us feel less full, makes us hungry more and more often to compensate for what our body thinks there is not enough energy in our body to survive. In conjunction with the wrong diet, the muscle mass decreases, the more the body burns and wants to store as much energy as possible. Research has shown that 1 in 3 people who lose weight in these wrong ways will regain obesity within a year and gain more weight than before. Plus, the next weight loss will be even more difficult.

2. Increased fat Loss of muscle mass

During the weight gain from yo-yo The effect may make body fat more easily accumulated. Fat may accumulate in various parts of the body including internal organs. This may make the next weight loss harder than before, because losing weight too quickly may lose muscle mass, leading to a decrease in the body’s metabolism. (Check out this article to learn more about your metabolism and how it can help increase your metabolic rate)  , especially in diet and non-exercise groups. Debilitate The solution is to eat enough protein each day. Along with regular resistance exercise

3. Health problems

Fasting or undereating early in the weight loss journey Causing the body to lack nutrients, causing dry skin Brittle nails and hair Unusual hair loss A weakened immune system

When weight gain from yo-yo symptoms It also negatively affects the heart and kidneys. Increased blood pressure Risk of type 2 diabetes, weight gain increases the risk of developing fatty liver disease. High blood pressure, heart disease, increased bone mineral loss in elderly women. Additionally, failure to lose weight can also lead to a loss of self-respect. Self confidence Chronic stress Including eating disorders.

How to effectively fix and stop the yo-yo effect

Change the way you think Health comes first

Turn to a sustainable way to take care of your body and figure Do not use shortcuts or be quick. Temporarily changing the way you lose weight by limiting your diet. Is the correct way to choose healthy food And to change dietary habits in order to maintain a healthy body weight and improve long-term health Try changing your goal from focusing on the numbers on the scales to better long-term health, says weight loss expert Dr. Sean Pierre Montani.

You don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods that are bad for your weight. Just eat in smaller quantities Effective and permanent changes are due to small but consistent changes and, most importantly, it must fit into our lifestyles.

Eat foods that are natural and healthier.

Including fruits and vegetables, less sweet Nuts By increasing the amount of these foods Turn to eating as the first thing in your meals to help you feel fuller. Because foods that contain natural dietary fiber help us get full and stomach. It also contains nutrients that are necessary for the body. And should choose to eat a variety of vegetables In addition, an important tip is Stop eating when we’re 80% full, no need to eat to be super full with every meal Because eating the most full, it is one of the reasons why we can gain weight. Because the brain commands that fullness slower than it actually is

Cut out certain foods

These foods include Foods that are high in energy but low in nutrients Or foods processed through the junk food industry, especially foods high in fat, sugar, sodium, or foods that may affect both short-term and long-term health, such as french fries, pizza, soft drinks, high sugar drinks Various ready meals Eating home-made meals is probably the best bet because you can choose your own quality ingredients and nutrients.

Eat good carbs and avoid foods high in carbs and sugar.

Carbohydrate foods, especially those that have been refined or processed in many ways, turn into sugar quickly. (It is advisable to read the blog in this link to recognize and extract the good and bad carbohydrates for your body.) It makes you hungry easily and often get hungry. Potatoes, breads, sweets, and bakery items, and some fruits may be high in carbohydrates. Therefore, it should be consumed with caution in moderation. It is important to eat enough protein and good fats and drink enough water per day.  

Get enough quality sleep

It helps restore the body and is the time when the body can burn energy to its full potential. Therefore should sleep at least 6-8 hours a day And manage stress to improve sleep quality

Exercise regularly

Should allow the body to move and move frequently By doing activities to keep the body moving and active always. Or choose to play sports or exercise in a way that suits your body Both using resistance to help build and maintain muscle Or cardio to use energy to reduce activities such as watching TV Or playing with your mobile phone too much .

Yoyo effect Nightmare of people wanting a good figure.

Yo-Yo is the symptom of the weight swung up and down. I became fat, then lost weight until thin, then it bounced back to gain weight again. It’s a cycle that happens like a yo-yo top. So it is called the Yoyo effect. Entering the Yoyo Effect circuit is a big deal for many and it often gets discouraged by taking care of your body.

Yoyo effect Knowing the cause, correct the point, will be permanently out of this cycle Without going back to fat again.

Cause Yoyo symptoms Negative effect on the body Solution

What’s worse is that the yo-yo effects can damage your health and may lead to other health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., but don’t worry. You have come to the right place With this block, let’s get to know yoyo symptoms, their causes and solutions, and prevent them from returning to that cycle again.

Yoyo effect is

The body’s and mind’s response to overactive weight loss, such as taking diet pills. We try to control our food by eating less. Reduce calories you consume per day (calorie restriction), fasting, changing food types by stopping certain food categories.

Such as carbohydrates, or exercising vigorously to use more energy than you consume over a long period At one point, the body is unable to tolerate a condition that continually consumes less food than the energy it consumes per day.

At that point The body begins to enter survival mode. The hypothalamus, the frontal brain, which serves Regulating the vital processes of life reduces the body’s energy expenditure to match the energy it receives, said Dr. Matthew Thorp, MD, a specialist in body mechanics and diet.

Again said Our body’s fat cells are also responsible for producing a hormone leptin, which communicates with the brain when the body has stored enough fat. Of course, when we lose weight The lower the fat content, the lower the leptin hormone makes us hungry.

YoYo’s symptoms, the hormonal balance effect started to flurry. 

As a result, weight loss will stop suddenly and make the body feel hungry and need more energy in order to continue life. Combined with the body’s metabolism less to maintain energy due to insufficient intake of calories. It will cause food, appetite, endless hunger, eating, never ceasing, not full, not satisfied.  It may be an eating disorder (binge eating), but the body’s metabolism decreases. Becomes a cycle that makes you come back to fatter than before you start losing weight again.

When the weight does not lose as desired.

It will cause stress. And an increase in stress hormones Cortisol: The stress that builds up in the body leads to the release of the hunger hormone Grelin Hormone. It aggravates the resulting conditions even more seriously, affecting your health, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Anyone who reads and qualifies Now that you know it. keep reading as we have a few ways to help you break this cycle. First of all adjust the idea. People tend to set goals for losing weight that are exaggerated, such as over 3 years of obesity.

Manage your cravings for sweets, keep your sugar under control with 5 ways for people to lose weight

Today’s people already consume a lot of flour. Plus both drinks Many snacks with even more sugar Causing the consumption of sugar more than necessary for the body Many people are addicted to sweetness. It is very necessary for people who want to control their weight. Manage your dessert cravings Because sugar, in addition to consuming a lot, will cause fat It is also the source of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood.

The World Health Organization sees diabetes as a rapidly growing threat. Therefore, the World Health Organization recommends that people consume only 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, or 24 grams, or 29.57 milliliters.

Knowing this Many people are addicted to sweetness.

so we look for ways to manage their cravings for dessert. For a slim figure and good health.

1 Eat more protein

If we add protein to meals and snacks Protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels. And helps suppress the craving for sweets. In addition, protein also increases food
Increase protein and fiber in your diet. Help you full longer Continue to practice eating until you become addicted, the habit will eventually stop your addiction to sweetness.

    2. Gradually reduce the sweetness, do not break raw

For many people, the raw deduction of flour and sugar of all kinds. May be done in only a short time But cannot change their behavior in the long term It’s not just the brain’s addiction to sugar. But the difficulty in quitting sugar addiction is that every time we have a craving for sugar. Will allow us to accelerate eating

   3. Eat more fiber.

Consume more fresh vegetables. May combine with unsweetened fruit The technique is to eat vegetables in large quantities before anything else. Who doesn’t eat that much vegetables? Try turning to grains, nuts, such as almonds or fruits and berries. To reduce hunger to consume less starch and sugar. And drink more water

After that, gradually reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates. And in a few weeks, we will have less sugar cravings.  The American Heart Association  recommends eating fiber-rich foods like kale, green salad, broccoli, which are low in calories at 14 grams per serving. 1,000 calories eaten

      4. Get rid of the fat snacks and stock up on clean ones instead.

Must accept the fact that if you will maintain a sustainable shape Putting all snacks out of your life can only be temporary. And then punched it later What we recommend is to gradually build new healthy habits and develop them into habits. Stop buying sweets into
Very low-sugar fiber-fortified protein bars are plant-based, perfect for pre- or post-workout meals, or as a substitute for a traditional snack. Available for both vegetarians and milkshakes

   5. Focus on other matters.

Go for a walk, jog, or do other activities. In order for the mind to focus on other matters Relaxing, not obsessed with sugar or candy cravings. Go out to change the atmosphere or look at the photos of idols that inspire us to want to lose body shape. (Follow to inspire the 8 god fit gods to increase
• We’ll look at all the healthy idols’ Instagram to distract the dessert. Or maybe you can just turn yourself into yoga by yourself (photo from instagram: AmandaBisk)

• More importantly, it is a great opportunity to increase your physical activity by exercising. Start with simple activities such as walking, short runs, or yoga, and gradually increase your movement time to help maintain your blood sugar balance. And increased energy Therefore contributing to reducing eating sweets to relieve stress

• More importantly, you should encourage yourself. And not so strict that it was born Because reducing sugar cravings is not easy and requires a strong mind. Self discipline It may be difficult at first, but if you pass through, you will have a more lasting, stronger mental and physical health.

•motivation to exercise to be in shape )

Drink enough clean water each day. Sometimes craving for something sweet is a sign that The body is dehydrated Try drinking a glass of water. Try slicing a fruit mixture into it, such as yellow lemons, strawberries, or a few apples to add flavor and vitamins to your water. In addition, drinking enough clean water as the body needs. It also helps the intestines get rid of bad bacteria more effectively.

Sometimes it may be stressful from not eating sweet. Therefore, you must keep a good balance. Absolutely not overdoing it At times, it may be necessary to eat a little bit of sweetness in order to recognize the taste in exchange for increasing the body’s stress sugar levels. However, choose to eat food that is natural and without added flavoring. Many times, hidden sugars get into our food that we can’t imagine. Therefore, they must not be overlooked as well, such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, pasta sauce, and many salad dressings are high in sugar.

Always keep in mind that “sugar is sugar”, whether it is brown sugar or white sugar, or even honey, coconut sugar that can reduce the level of absorption into the bloodstream more slowly than sugar. Can cause harm if consumed a lot Therefore, it should not be consumed as well. In addition, it is best to cut back on foods such as refined starches, which eventually turn into sugar, especially avoid jasmine rice, glutinous rice, mashed potatoes or chips. And during the period when the starch cannot be reduced Can avoid consuming brown rice Whole Wheat Spaghetti

the house. So that there is no temptation in the house And in order not to regret these foods that are in the house

If you are addicted to snacks, before every purchase, turn to read the label. And you will understand that Trying to do heavy exercise Or eat less main meals, but why fat Celulite is not going anywhere. Check the number of carbohydrates, sugar, fiber compared to many things to help make a choice. Some lotteries (Especially drinks) that may separate the sugar into many types. All types of sugar must be counted as the proportion of sugar, such as sugar, fructose, honey, maple syrup.

Eliminate packaged snacks loaded with oil, sugar, starch, trans fats, gluten. Foods with chemicals are better off of life. And try to find nuts Whole grains, such as raw almonds that are high in calcium. Cashew nuts In which those grains are rich in good fats Plus full of fiber Therefore good for weight control Helps to remove excess fat in the body

And fiber also improves the digestive system as well. Or a clean, less sweet, fiber and protein stick to your body at work, at home, when you’re hungry. These will help alleviate hunger. And add more value to yourself But don’t eat too much Because the only formula that will maintain shape and maintain fitness is Eat less than the burnt out

more carbohydrates or sugar To compensate for that craving

After that, the pancreas produces insulin to bring the sugar to the body’s cells. When sugar has entered the cells It will cause the sugar in the bloodstream to fall until it may be dangerous. Making us crave sugar again and again In the end, sugar addicts couldn’t stop. And try not to use artificial sugars Because artificial sugars may stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. This causes a hypoglycemia which will cause more sugar cravings during sugar starvation.

It started with “reducing” sugar that was used to condition the tongue to get the taste of unsweetened food better. Try to cut out more and more sweet foods each week. If sugar is added to tea or coffee, then lower the amount. And if necessary, add sugar that does not accelerate the liver’s production of insulin or residues in the blood. In particular, sugar with the Glycemic Index index, such as coconut nectar, etc. If you do this over and over, the sweetness of the perception of the tongue will gradually decrease.

satisfaction. It is finer than non-protein foods, and it burns more calories than other foods. (Read more about how protein can help increase the  metabolism of the metabolic system. There are 10 solutions. You can do it immediately. )

While on your diet, try adding grilled chicken breast, grilled fish, or steak to a fresh salad. It helps us feel full and happy and good for the body as well. Or try these protein-packed snack ideas like Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls Wrapped with Grilled Chicken Breast Boiled egg or shrimp Or to eat boiled eggs instead of snacks.

cholesterol. Embolism, etc.

Manage your dessert cravings in 5 ways.

There are two types of rough sugar: natural food sugar. And added sugar Most of them contain sugar in the fair, including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products. Berries, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrient particles But human added sugars such as sugar, soft drinks, desserts only add calories and have almost no health benefits. 

Understanding of morphine use


Morphine is the only drug in a group of drugs called end-OIL ( Opioid ).

But the drugs in the opioids There are several other types, such as Codeine , Tramal, or Pethidine. In this article, we will use the term “morphine” instead of the opioid pain relievers. Because these drugs have similar effects and morphine is frequently used in this class of drugs. In each country, morphine consumption is measured. Most of which are found in developed countries They have higher morphine usage rates than developing countries. In Thailand, it was found that We use approximately 40 kilograms of morphine per year from the actual amount we should use. Which is about 1,000 kilograms per year.

Questions about morphine
Question: Is the pain of cancer really resolved with morphine?

Answer: Not always.

Fact: It depends on what kind of pain it is and how severe it is. In most cases, doctors will start using weaker drugs, such as paracetamol , NSAIDs used for joint pain, aches, and if these drugs do not go away, they will be treated with painrelief. A small dose of morphine may be started.

Question:  Does eating more morphine mean worsening symptoms?

Answer: Not always.
Fact: It could be from worsening of the disease, or it could be because of the early stages. The doctor first gave the pain medication a small dose and then gradually. Adjust it to the right size. To provide patients with a good quality of life and to live as close as possible to when they were not sick.

Question: Is morphine drug addictive or not?

Answer: Not always.
Fact: Addiction means having to increase the dose more and more. Even if the patient’s condition has not changed and the drug cravings when not taking the drug Morphine has an addictive effect and is therefore addictive. However, if a cancer patient has severe pain and needs more morphine We will not call it an addiction, but a drug use as needed.

Question: Does the use of morphine actually increase the death of the patient from depressed breathing?

A: Wrong.
Truth: Starting a small dose of morphine did not cause respiratory depression and did not cause death in the patient. Respiratory depression in patients is often caused by excessive dosing. In people who have never received morphine before It may happen in the case of miscalculating the drug or starting too much of the drug because the patient is in pain.

Question: Does morphine really cause constipation?

A: Yes
, Truth: Constipation is the most common side effect in patients taking morphine and is a constant side effect during morphine use. Because morphine slows down the intestinal movement Patients taking morphine should take the medicine to prevent constipation. If your doctor doesn’t Don’t forget to ask. Morphine also has other side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness. Taking too much of it can lead to muscle spasms or confusion. Which is a symptom that is found before breathing pressure but often have to eat a lot Or increase in size rapidly.

Question: Does morphine help with shortness of breath in cancer patients?

Answer: Yes
, Truth: Most people understand that morphine primarily relieves pain in cancer patients, but morphine actually helps reduce the symptoms of asthenia in cancer patients whose disease spreads to the lungs, such as watery fluids. Lungs Many patients who choose not to puncture the lungs to reduce their symptoms of asthenia, may choose morphine instead.

Question: Should people with kidney disease really use morphine?

Answer: Wrong.
Truth: morphine can be used by people with kidney disease. But more caution must be exercised because morphine is excreted by the kidneys. Therefore, morphine should be given starting at a small dose, gradually increasing slowly and watching for side effects. But it is not contraindicated to use morphine in patients with kidney disease.

Question: If long-acting morphine is obtained, morphine should not be taken during the day as it may lead to excessive morphine exposure or not?

Answer: Wrong.
Truth: Patients with pain can use small doses of morphine. During the day This typically accounts for 10% of the long-acting morphine dose taken all day. If it is an oral pill, it can be taken every 2-4 hours when the pain occurs. The doctor will actually calculate the amount of medication the patient should receive. On the following day from the daily dose of morphine combined with the long acting morphine.

Question: Oral and injectable morphine works as powerful as Really or not?

Answer: Wrong.
Truth: Injectable morphine is 2-3 times stronger than oral. Therefore, when switching from injectable to oral pills. Don’t forget to increase the size by 2-3 times.

Question: Oral and injectable morphine started working as quickly as possible. Together and act as long as Really or not?

Answer: Wrong.

Truth: Injectable morphine acts faster and loses its effect faster. If administered in a line, it may pass out within 1-2 hours, while oral morphine lasts for 2-4 hours, but long-acting morphine can last up to 12-24 hours.

Become a special human through technology for health.

30 years ago, invisible robotic devices added human skills and senses, only in science fiction. Futurists say that if nanotechnology continues to develop and expand at current rates. It is possible to transform people into Superhuman by 2050 with this state of the art technology. A person may have the ability to see in the dark and can survive for hours. Without breathing or gaining super powers.

Initially, medical nanotechnology will help patients and people with disabilities improve their quality of life. Proud achievements, such as helping with vision or enhancing the sense of touch.  It was the success of the medical revolution, now biologists and engineers  develop medical devices that allow people with health problems to have extraordinary experiences.  To transcend human nature in a process known as “Transhumanism”

Strengthening our senses with nanotechnology

Dr. Ian Pearson, one of the leading members of Futurists, predicts that in the future, sensor technology will be integrated into the human body. It increases the perception of the world around you and makes it easier to see information. That is now invisible to the naked eye for example People may be able to see objects at a distance (zoom in) equipe with sensors capable of providing information about everything they touch. Numerous trials are in progress and are underway to increase the capabilities of biosensors that can be safely implanted in the human body.

Dr. Garth Webb, a British Columbia expert, is researching bionic lenses that can be inserted into the human eye in just eight minutes that empower the user with complete vision.

It is  Ocumetics Bionic Lens, a vision aid that requires no glasses or contact lenses.
If successful People using bionic lenses have three times better vision than non-wearers. The deteriorating vision problems such as cataracts are not serious.
For example, Ocumetics Bionic Lenses are currently undergoing clinical testing to verify results. Some experts warn that Getting excited and using bionic lenses too quickly May experience complications that lead to vision disorders.
Artificial red blood cell invention helps humans survive anaerobic

The invention of artificial red blood cells, respirocytes, is a nanomedical device. Theoretically, it can be injected into a person’s bloodstream and thus reduce the need for breathing. These red blood cells are able to deliver 236 times more oxygen to the tissues compared to normal red blood cells.

Additionally, these cells are able to handle the acidity produced by carbon dioxide gas. Each artificial cell contains a nanocomputer, a component that controls chemicals and pressure, powered by glucose. These nanodevices are spherical and simple in design. It can modify from a distance when fully developed. It  expects to take another 20 years. Respirocytes (respirocytes) will reduce the need to breathe and expand the person’s ability to survive. This person was able to survive four hours without breathing or run for 15 minutes at their maximum speed.

Can modern technology make us immortal?

Immortality, possibly through the use of universal nanotechnology, is a thrill of health technology futurists. Aging is a genetic biological process, so stopping aging is a huge task. Some people think that stopping aging will be successful within the next 30 years. Futurists, Ray Kurzweil, believes in the success of the endeavor to support the idea of ​​immortality. Nano-sized robots may be proficient in investigating human biological systems. These devices will be able to detect abnormal deviations and notify us if there are health problems that need our attention.

Another aspect of immortality is the so-called. “Digital immortality” Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) may help humans integrate their minds with external storage devices.

In the future, it is possible to have the control of robots from our body and to communicate via the mind (telepathically) over wireless signals. When our health is a problem . We may download ourselves into a biological vessel (biological vessel) before our body ceases to function. The ideas may seem far from the truth now, but in the future everything in nature will have a second nature.
• Futurist: Futurism
• Ocumetics Bionic Lens: A device that assists distant vision without glasses or lenses.
• Respirocytes: Artificial red blood cells that reduce oxygen consumption, allowing them to live longer in anaerobic conditions.
• AI for aging: a brain that can use data to process and think itself to love aging.
• Telepathically: communicating through the mind.
• Digital immortality: digital immortality.
• Biological vessel: Biological capsule to download ourselves before the body is down.

Fireworks festival Symbol of Japanese summer

Summer is known as the festival season in Japan. Regardless of which city we go to, Nai Province has a festival for us to see. One of them is the Fireworks Festival, or Hanabi, let’s take a look at the origin and how to prepare to enjoy Japan’s Fireworks Festival.

Every year during the months of July to August of Japan. No matter where we go, we can hear news about fireworks throughout the festival. Fireworks are considered a Japanese summer festival. The word is the word fireworks in Japanese Hanabi (Hanabi:花火) Hana means flower, lights, meaning any business that is not a fire, fireworks, or a flower.

Let’s see how the Japanese enjoy the fireworks festival.

The origin of the fireworks festival

There are many tales about the origins of fireworks in Japan. The most likely story is probably the story of Japan’s first shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Receive fireworks as a gift from King James I of England. And Chinese merchants around the year 1613

After the fireworks became more popular. A group of nobles and nobles in Edo. Or Tokyo today Usually come together to see fireworks along the Sumida River.

The beginning of the fireworks festival is 1733. The eighth generation of Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune, has commanded the Suijinsai Festival to worship the gods of the water, known as the Ryogoku River Fireworks Festival. It is a dedication to the spirits of the dead and eliminating the danger. And became the starting point of The present Sumida River Fireworks Festival, which takes place in the summer every year, other cities have launched their own fireworks festivals throughout Japan.

What are the best fireworks festivals in Japan?

Most fireworks around the world are held to celebrate special occasions. But in Japan it can be said that it is really organized for entertainment. It’s like going to see cherry blossoms in spring. It is like a time when we will be happy with friends or loved ones. Sit, eat, drink Sitting and chatting while watching the flowers illuminate in the sky.

Another difference is the duration of the fireworks. If it’s a big event This can take up to 2 hours, and small jobs will take less time.


Various types of fireworks

Most of the fireworks in other countries Will be packed in a cylindrical shell When it is set up, the fireworks will burst into a long stream like a fountain. But Japanese fireworks are packed in round shells. Causing time to break out to be more spherical

Recently, more and more fireworks have been developed. Until causing fireworks in various shapes such as hearts in cartoon characters The colors are very beautiful.

As with other festivals in Japan, stalls selling food, snacks, toys are lined up near the venue. You can buy it to sit and eat at the fireworks viewing spot. Or to find a place to stand and look closer Shops to experience the lively atmosphere as well.

Most fireworks festivals Just find an empty place And put a mat to put on, we can watch for free But have to exchange for the seat reservation early Several hours before the event began Because of this big event Some events therefore have special seats. To have the cost But we are guaranteed to have a seat where you can fully enjoy the fireworks.

In addition to the seats in the event area Some tall buildings near the venue even sell tickets to watch fireworks on the rooftop. Unfortunately, most of them have to book in advance and usually only have Japanese.

Take something with you to watch fireworks


If you just want to see the fireworks Bring a drink and a little snack and go find a stand. But if you want to go for a comfortable seat.  should  bring a plastic mat for the seat.

Actually, we don’t have to prepare anything. Because you can buy snacks, beverages, plastic sheets, seats at the convenience stores near the event. But as I said, there may be a lot of people and have to wait a long time to pay in line.

There is no need to go to see fireworks in particular. But what I would recommend to try is wearing a yukata. I have a yukata but I don’t know when to wear it. Fireworks and festivals in summer are the perfect opportunities. If not, that’s fine. There are many shops that sell and rent dresses.

Many Japanese people are glad to see foreigners interested in their culture. Walk along.


We might meet auntie walking over to see how beautiful it is. Or maybe you can walk in to help tie the obi straps to your waist, or help arrange our outfits into the way as well.

If not beautiful yukatam, The recommend to be a normal dress, thin fabric and comfortable to wear.  T-shirt and shorts is fine. Comfortable shoes Because we may have to walk to an event or viewing point that is far from the station If so, you may want to carry a light coat with you as the weather is hot. But when the night falls, the weather may get colder. Especially if going near a river or sea.

If you come to Japan in the summer Let’s try to find a chance to see the fireworks festival. Will be work in different cities Or famous Japanese events like these 5 events.

1. Adachi Fireworks (Tokyo): July 21, 2018
2. Tenjin Matsuri Hono Fireworks (Osaka): July 24-25, 2018
3. Sumida River Fireworks (Tokyo): July 28, 2018
4. Naniwa Yodo River Fireworks (Osaka) ): August 4, 2018
5. Edogawa Fireworks (Tokyo): August 4, 2018

Let’s enjoy the spectacular fireworks festival in Japan.

Try on a yukata and come see the beautiful and spectacular fireworks festival. Representatives of the Japanese summer.

Shift Work Health effects from shift work

Shift Work or work in shifts Adversely affecting the health of eating time Sleepless Especially people who work late night shifts Inevitably, there are symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, affecting the work directly. It also affects your health in the short and long term.

Understanding shift work

Places that often find Shift Work are places that are open 24 hours a day, such as hospitals, convenience stores, airports, etc. Some of the workers in the said location have shift work or shift work. It is a work that does not match the natural body clock. Usually during the day you are awake for various activities and the night is the time for rest.

How should shift workers behave?

Sleep rest During the absence of a shift, you should have enough rest. Get 8 hours of sleep, if not enough rest, brain function will decrease. More importantly, the mattress should be properly arranged. Because sleep during the day. There will be quite a lot of interference Curtains and windows may be closed to result in a good night’s sleep.

Eating If you have to stay at night Should not eat food that is too heavy. Or eat food, should eat just not to feel hungry Then go to eat a heavy breakfast to get a good night’s sleep Then after 8 hours of sleep and wake up in the afternoon.

Then to eat lunch And dinner as usual before entering the event It is important to eat nutritious food.

Exercise For people working late shifts Should not exercise too hard. It will make the body tired during work As for those who work in the morning and afternoon shifts Should exercise regularly.

Shift changes should always shift forward. Do not switch back and forth. The body tired Feeling more sleep deprived, such as changing from morning shift to afternoon shift Switch from afternoon shift to night shift.

Do not switch from night shifts to afternoon shifts, for example, and don’t change shifts every week. Because normally, when adjusting the bedtime for one week, the body will get used to that time. If you have to change it, it should be changed every few weeks or not every few days.

Time shifts People who work in shifts often have different life periods.

Causing no time to meet with friends or don’t have time for family .Therefore, time should be allocated or planned well in order to maintain one’s mental health.

Impact of shift work

Shift work affects both short-term and long-term health.

• Short-term, including feeling tired, tired, lethargic at work Resulting in reduced work performance And the risk of accidents from work.• Long-term, studies have shown that people who work in shifts are at greater risk of developing certain diseases, such as heart disease, stroke. Deteriorating brain function Has symptoms of eye muscle fatigue Muscle aches, stress, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, obesity.
•However, shift workers should take good care of their health and have a pattern. From a way of life that is different from the natural body clock. Both in eating, sleeping, and doing various activities to maintain their own physical and mental health.

8 Benefits of spinach Rich in nutrients for health

Spinach cause most people believe that spinach tastes bad Because of the bitter taste of the name.

Actually Spinach is a vegetable that is sweet, easy to eat and comes with many benefits. Eating and guaranteeing that your health will definitely improve. Since it is a source of various vitamins, minerals. Whether it is vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iron, etc., so spinach can be used as a medicine to nourish the body.

Today we have 10 benefits of spinach. Who has always overlooked this vegetable. If you already know the advantages of this vegetable. Guarantee that will have to turn to eat more spinach for sure.

1. Skin care

The vitamin K and folate in spinach will help keep skin away from acne and dark circles. Which will make the skin moist, far away from premature wrinkles and protect the skin from various pollution. That often comes to damage the skin to deteriorate quickly.

2. Treatment of high blood pressure

Magnesium in Spinach has the ability to help control the blood pressure in the body to normal levels. Therefore suitable for use as an ingredient in the treatment of high blood pressure.

3. Prevent intestinal diseases

The more spinach eat The more beneficial to the intestinal system. The spinach can help prevent intestinal infections. And also helps the intestinal function to be more complete.


4. To sleep easily

Many people who experience insomnia Try eating spinach. Because important minerals like zinc and magnesium in spinach Will cause the body to relax in all parts Makes it easier to sleep deep.

5. Strengthen the growth of the fetus

Folate in Spinach Also good for the growth of the fetus Which will help strengthen the nervous system for the baby In addition, vitamin A in spinach. Is also considered an important mineral for the development of various organs In the baby’s body.

6. Build immunity for the body.

Vitamin A and vitamin C in spinach Is an important aid in building immunity for the body to fight bacteria and toxins that are transmitted into various systems of the body.

7. Enhance visibility

The vitamin A in spinach is important for helping the eyes to function normally. People who have problems with vision, eyes, fog, can eat spinach regularly to help repair this area.

8. Strengthens bones

With a very high amount of vitamin K in spinach Will help strengthen the bones in different parts of the body and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

9. Detoxify the body

Eating spinach regularly The body will take important minerals that are received. For example, fiber helps to trap and filter toxins from the body by excretion. Therefore suitable for eating to detox the toxins .

10. Reduce the problem of hair loss.

Iron in spinach Qualified to help reduce hair loss and also helps to strengthen the new hair growth. Make the hair grow stronger. Not easily fall off As well as helping to nourish beautiful hair from root to tip .

When seeing the benefits of all 10 spinach, then believe that many people would like to change their mind to try more spinach, which is actually eating vegetables Regardless of what kind of vegetable it is All have benefits for the whole body.

However, each type of vegetable must be eaten in an appropriate proportion, not too much or too little. Because any vegetable that eats more than your body needs should be able to cause harm. Or if eating too little, it may cause the body to lack nutrients.

But for spinach is a famous vegetable that is rich in vitamins,many minerals. This is so good must recommend to eat regularly.

Sushi. Harm The Body?

There are many reasons why people choose to eat raw fish instead of cooked fish. Some people may like the taste of raw fish more. It considers more delicious or may believe that eating raw fish will lead to more complete nutrition or may help reduce the risk of various diseases.

Is raw fish really good?

Raw fish is used in many forms of cooking. Varies by popularity of each country like Sashimi in Japan to cut raw fish into bite-sized pieces, eaten with wasabi and soy sauce Italian carpaccio that uses thinly sliced ​​raw fish. to be eaten with a salad.

But aside from the delicious taste There is still some scientific evidence to mention the various benefits of raw fish as follows.

Nutrient supplement

Eating certain types of raw fish can give consumers more nutritional benefits from fish meat, such as natural vitamin D. Which is rarely found in other foods and omega-3s that are beneficial for the brain and body. Because some research has found that frying fish can reduce the amount of omega-3.

Strengthen your sperm

A research one, the men of the 188 people who eat fish with vegetables. Fruits and grains found that the sperm of an experiment that looks stronger and more agile than the sperm of the diet.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Eating raw fish instead of cooked fish.  May reduce the risk of cancer because frying fish or grilling fish at high temperatures can cause harmful substances such as Heterocyclic Amine.  In which some research has shown that eating a large amount of food contaminated with this substance May increase the chance of cancer.


Reducing the risk of heart disease

Some fish that are popularly eaten as raw fish, such as salmon, are rich in beneficial nutrients such as omega-3s. Which studies have shown may help against cardiovascular disease.

However, some research is just a study in the laboratory. Therefore, it is difficult to say that raw fish can provide various medical and health benefits. Therefore, the effectiveness of raw fish consumption should be studied by further research in humans. In order to apply the results to adjust and apply people to take appropriate health care in the future.

Caution in consuming raw fish

eating raw fish will give you the benefits mentioned above. But consumers should eat raw fish with caution. Especially the dangers that may be contaminated with raw fish as follows.

Parasites and bacteria

Parasites and bacterial infections are a major health problem in many tropical countries. Such bacteria may be transmitted through drinking water or non-cooked foods such as raw fish. Some studies have shown that eating raw fish can increase the risk of bacterial infections and various parasites, such as liver fluke. Commonly found in people who eat raw freshwater fish or Salmonella bacteria that cause dysentery or cause diarrhea, etc.

of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) or long-lasting residual pollutants found in fish. May be associated with various chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. With research that found that POPs in raw salmon are 26 percent higher in cooked salmon.

Cancer risk

Some researches and medical information found that Consuming raw fish can increase the risk of liver fluke and liver fluke infections. Which is the cause of bile duct cancer and liver cancer as well Currently, this type of illness is often found in the northeastern region of Thailand.

How to consume raw fish safely?

Safe use of raw fish in various menus for health May be done in the following ways.

Choose raw fish from a reliable, clean and standardized source. By buying raw fish placed on ice or in a freezer Along with checking if the fish is fresh or not And do not buy fish that have a foul or fishy odor.

Visual inspection for various parasites in raw fish meat before consumption.

Choose raw fish that have been frozen before. Because freezing raw fish at -20 degrees Celsius for 1 week or freezing raw fish at -35 degrees Celsius for 15 hours may help to kill various parasites, but always be careful. Because the freezer in the household may not cause sufficient cooling.

Should not keep the fish in the refrigerator for too long And should be consumed completely within 2-3 days.

Do not place the fish outside the refrigerator for more than 1-2 hours because the room temperature will cause bacteria to grow faster.

Shouldn’t eat raw fish continuously.

for a long time as it may result in incomplete nutrients. The risk of parasites or mercury accumulating in the body.

Wash your hands thoroughly after touching raw fish. Including cleaning the kitchen Kitchen equipment and the surface area that cook with raw fish is always clean In order to avoid bringing infected fish that contaminate with raw fish to the menu or other containers.

In addition, pregnant women should be especially careful when eating raw fish. Because it may be at risk of contracting bacterial parasites and may be exposed to too much mercury Until having effects or harmful to the fetus .