Fireworks festival Symbol of Japanese summer

Summer is known as the festival season in Japan. Regardless of which city we go to, Nai Province has a festival for us to see. One of them is the Fireworks Festival, or Hanabi, let’s take a look at the origin and how to prepare to enjoy Japan’s Fireworks Festival.

Every year during the months of July to August of Japan. No matter where we go, we can hear news about fireworks throughout the festival. Fireworks are considered a Japanese summer festival. The word is the word fireworks in Japanese Hanabi (Hanabi:花火) Hana means flower, lights, meaning any business that is not a fire, fireworks, or a flower.

Let’s see how the Japanese enjoy the fireworks festival.

The origin of the fireworks festival

There are many tales about the origins of fireworks in Japan. The most likely story is probably the story of Japan’s first shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Receive fireworks as a gift from King James I of England. And Chinese merchants around the year 1613

After the fireworks became more popular. A group of nobles and nobles in Edo. Or Tokyo today Usually come together to see fireworks along the Sumida River.

The beginning of the fireworks festival is 1733. The eighth generation of Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune, has commanded the Suijinsai Festival to worship the gods of the water, known as the Ryogoku River Fireworks Festival. It is a dedication to the spirits of the dead and eliminating the danger. And became the starting point of The present Sumida River Fireworks Festival, which takes place in the summer every year, other cities have launched their own fireworks festivals throughout Japan.

What are the best fireworks festivals in Japan?

Most fireworks around the world are held to celebrate special occasions. But in Japan it can be said that it is really organized for entertainment. It’s like going to see cherry blossoms in spring. It is like a time when we will be happy with friends or loved ones. Sit, eat, drink Sitting and chatting while watching the flowers illuminate in the sky.

Another difference is the duration of the fireworks. If it’s a big event This can take up to 2 hours, and small jobs will take less time.


Various types of fireworks

Most of the fireworks in other countries Will be packed in a cylindrical shell When it is set up, the fireworks will burst into a long stream like a fountain. But Japanese fireworks are packed in round shells. Causing time to break out to be more spherical

Recently, more and more fireworks have been developed. Until causing fireworks in various shapes such as hearts in cartoon characters The colors are very beautiful.

As with other festivals in Japan, stalls selling food, snacks, toys are lined up near the venue. You can buy it to sit and eat at the fireworks viewing spot. Or to find a place to stand and look closer Shops to experience the lively atmosphere as well.

Most fireworks festivals Just find an empty place And put a mat to put on, we can watch for free But have to exchange for the seat reservation early Several hours before the event began Because of this big event Some events therefore have special seats. To have the cost But we are guaranteed to have a seat where you can fully enjoy the fireworks.

In addition to the seats in the event area Some tall buildings near the venue even sell tickets to watch fireworks on the rooftop. Unfortunately, most of them have to book in advance and usually only have Japanese.

Take something with you to watch fireworks


If you just want to see the fireworks Bring a drink and a little snack and go find a stand. But if you want to go for a comfortable seat.  should  bring a plastic mat for the seat.

Actually, we don’t have to prepare anything. Because you can buy snacks, beverages, plastic sheets, seats at the convenience stores near the event. But as I said, there may be a lot of people and have to wait a long time to pay in line.

There is no need to go to see fireworks in particular. But what I would recommend to try is wearing a yukata. I have a yukata but I don’t know when to wear it. Fireworks and festivals in summer are the perfect opportunities. If not, that’s fine. There are many shops that sell and rent dresses.

Many Japanese people are glad to see foreigners interested in their culture. Walk along.


We might meet auntie walking over to see how beautiful it is. Or maybe you can walk in to help tie the obi straps to your waist, or help arrange our outfits into the way as well.

If not beautiful yukatam, The recommend to be a normal dress, thin fabric and comfortable to wear.  T-shirt and shorts is fine. Comfortable shoes Because we may have to walk to an event or viewing point that is far from the station If so, you may want to carry a light coat with you as the weather is hot. But when the night falls, the weather may get colder. Especially if going near a river or sea.

If you come to Japan in the summer Let’s try to find a chance to see the fireworks festival. Will be work in different cities Or famous Japanese events like these 5 events.

1. Adachi Fireworks (Tokyo): July 21, 2018
2. Tenjin Matsuri Hono Fireworks (Osaka): July 24-25, 2018
3. Sumida River Fireworks (Tokyo): July 28, 2018
4. Naniwa Yodo River Fireworks (Osaka) ): August 4, 2018
5. Edogawa Fireworks (Tokyo): August 4, 2018

Let’s enjoy the spectacular fireworks festival in Japan.

Try on a yukata and come see the beautiful and spectacular fireworks festival. Representatives of the Japanese summer.

Shift Work Health effects from shift work

Shift Work or work in shifts Adversely affecting the health of eating time Sleepless Especially people who work late night shifts Inevitably, there are symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, affecting the work directly. It also affects your health in the short and long term.

Understanding shift work

Places that often find Shift Work are places that are open 24 hours a day, such as hospitals, convenience stores, airports, etc. Some of the workers in the said location have shift work or shift work. It is a work that does not match the natural body clock. Usually during the day you are awake for various activities and the night is the time for rest.

How should shift workers behave?

Sleep rest During the absence of a shift, you should have enough rest. Get 8 hours of sleep, if not enough rest, brain function will decrease. More importantly, the mattress should be properly arranged. Because sleep during the day. There will be quite a lot of interference Curtains and windows may be closed to result in a good night’s sleep.

Eating If you have to stay at night Should not eat food that is too heavy. Or eat food, should eat just not to feel hungry Then go to eat a heavy breakfast to get a good night’s sleep Then after 8 hours of sleep and wake up in the afternoon.

Then to eat lunch And dinner as usual before entering the event It is important to eat nutritious food.

Exercise For people working late shifts Should not exercise too hard. It will make the body tired during work As for those who work in the morning and afternoon shifts Should exercise regularly.

Shift changes should always shift forward. Do not switch back and forth. The body tired Feeling more sleep deprived, such as changing from morning shift to afternoon shift Switch from afternoon shift to night shift.

Do not switch from night shifts to afternoon shifts, for example, and don’t change shifts every week. Because normally, when adjusting the bedtime for one week, the body will get used to that time. If you have to change it, it should be changed every few weeks or not every few days.

Time shifts People who work in shifts often have different life periods.

Causing no time to meet with friends or don’t have time for family .Therefore, time should be allocated or planned well in order to maintain one’s mental health.

Impact of shift work

Shift work affects both short-term and long-term health.

• Short-term, including feeling tired, tired, lethargic at work Resulting in reduced work performance And the risk of accidents from work.• Long-term, studies have shown that people who work in shifts are at greater risk of developing certain diseases, such as heart disease, stroke. Deteriorating brain function Has symptoms of eye muscle fatigue Muscle aches, stress, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, obesity.
•However, shift workers should take good care of their health and have a pattern. From a way of life that is different from the natural body clock. Both in eating, sleeping, and doing various activities to maintain their own physical and mental health.

8 Benefits of spinach Rich in nutrients for health

Spinach cause most people believe that spinach tastes bad Because of the bitter taste of the name.

Actually Spinach is a vegetable that is sweet, easy to eat and comes with many benefits. Eating and guaranteeing that your health will definitely improve. Since it is a source of various vitamins, minerals. Whether it is vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, iron, etc., so spinach can be used as a medicine to nourish the body.

Today we have 10 benefits of spinach. Who has always overlooked this vegetable. If you already know the advantages of this vegetable. Guarantee that will have to turn to eat more spinach for sure.

1. Skin care

The vitamin K and folate in spinach will help keep skin away from acne and dark circles. Which will make the skin moist, far away from premature wrinkles and protect the skin from various pollution. That often comes to damage the skin to deteriorate quickly.

2. Treatment of high blood pressure

Magnesium in Spinach has the ability to help control the blood pressure in the body to normal levels. Therefore suitable for use as an ingredient in the treatment of high blood pressure.

3. Prevent intestinal diseases

The more spinach eat The more beneficial to the intestinal system. The spinach can help prevent intestinal infections. And also helps the intestinal function to be more complete.


4. To sleep easily

Many people who experience insomnia Try eating spinach. Because important minerals like zinc and magnesium in spinach Will cause the body to relax in all parts Makes it easier to sleep deep.

5. Strengthen the growth of the fetus

Folate in Spinach Also good for the growth of the fetus Which will help strengthen the nervous system for the baby In addition, vitamin A in spinach. Is also considered an important mineral for the development of various organs In the baby’s body.

6. Build immunity for the body.

Vitamin A and vitamin C in spinach Is an important aid in building immunity for the body to fight bacteria and toxins that are transmitted into various systems of the body.

7. Enhance visibility

The vitamin A in spinach is important for helping the eyes to function normally. People who have problems with vision, eyes, fog, can eat spinach regularly to help repair this area.

8. Strengthens bones

With a very high amount of vitamin K in spinach Will help strengthen the bones in different parts of the body and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

9. Detoxify the body

Eating spinach regularly The body will take important minerals that are received. For example, fiber helps to trap and filter toxins from the body by excretion. Therefore suitable for eating to detox the toxins .

10. Reduce the problem of hair loss.

Iron in spinach Qualified to help reduce hair loss and also helps to strengthen the new hair growth. Make the hair grow stronger. Not easily fall off As well as helping to nourish beautiful hair from root to tip .

When seeing the benefits of all 10 spinach, then believe that many people would like to change their mind to try more spinach, which is actually eating vegetables Regardless of what kind of vegetable it is All have benefits for the whole body.

However, each type of vegetable must be eaten in an appropriate proportion, not too much or too little. Because any vegetable that eats more than your body needs should be able to cause harm. Or if eating too little, it may cause the body to lack nutrients.

But for spinach is a famous vegetable that is rich in vitamins,many minerals. This is so good must recommend to eat regularly.

Sushi. Harm The Body?

There are many reasons why people choose to eat raw fish instead of cooked fish. Some people may like the taste of raw fish more. It considers more delicious or may believe that eating raw fish will lead to more complete nutrition or may help reduce the risk of various diseases.

Is raw fish really good?

Raw fish is used in many forms of cooking. Varies by popularity of each country like Sashimi in Japan to cut raw fish into bite-sized pieces, eaten with wasabi and soy sauce Italian carpaccio that uses thinly sliced ​​raw fish. to be eaten with a salad.

But aside from the delicious taste There is still some scientific evidence to mention the various benefits of raw fish as follows.

Nutrient supplement

Eating certain types of raw fish can give consumers more nutritional benefits from fish meat, such as natural vitamin D. Which is rarely found in other foods and omega-3s that are beneficial for the brain and body. Because some research has found that frying fish can reduce the amount of omega-3.

Strengthen your sperm

A research one, the men of the 188 people who eat fish with vegetables. Fruits and grains found that the sperm of an experiment that looks stronger and more agile than the sperm of the diet.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Eating raw fish instead of cooked fish.  May reduce the risk of cancer because frying fish or grilling fish at high temperatures can cause harmful substances such as Heterocyclic Amine.  In which some research has shown that eating a large amount of food contaminated with this substance May increase the chance of cancer.


Reducing the risk of heart disease

Some fish that are popularly eaten as raw fish, such as salmon, are rich in beneficial nutrients such as omega-3s. Which studies have shown may help against cardiovascular disease.

However, some research is just a study in the laboratory. Therefore, it is difficult to say that raw fish can provide various medical and health benefits. Therefore, the effectiveness of raw fish consumption should be studied by further research in humans. In order to apply the results to adjust and apply people to take appropriate health care in the future.

Caution in consuming raw fish

eating raw fish will give you the benefits mentioned above. But consumers should eat raw fish with caution. Especially the dangers that may be contaminated with raw fish as follows.

Parasites and bacteria

Parasites and bacterial infections are a major health problem in many tropical countries. Such bacteria may be transmitted through drinking water or non-cooked foods such as raw fish. Some studies have shown that eating raw fish can increase the risk of bacterial infections and various parasites, such as liver fluke. Commonly found in people who eat raw freshwater fish or Salmonella bacteria that cause dysentery or cause diarrhea, etc.

of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) or long-lasting residual pollutants found in fish. May be associated with various chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. With research that found that POPs in raw salmon are 26 percent higher in cooked salmon.

Cancer risk

Some researches and medical information found that Consuming raw fish can increase the risk of liver fluke and liver fluke infections. Which is the cause of bile duct cancer and liver cancer as well Currently, this type of illness is often found in the northeastern region of Thailand.

How to consume raw fish safely?

Safe use of raw fish in various menus for health May be done in the following ways.

Choose raw fish from a reliable, clean and standardized source. By buying raw fish placed on ice or in a freezer Along with checking if the fish is fresh or not And do not buy fish that have a foul or fishy odor.

Visual inspection for various parasites in raw fish meat before consumption.

Choose raw fish that have been frozen before. Because freezing raw fish at -20 degrees Celsius for 1 week or freezing raw fish at -35 degrees Celsius for 15 hours may help to kill various parasites, but always be careful. Because the freezer in the household may not cause sufficient cooling.

Should not keep the fish in the refrigerator for too long And should be consumed completely within 2-3 days.

Do not place the fish outside the refrigerator for more than 1-2 hours because the room temperature will cause bacteria to grow faster.

Shouldn’t eat raw fish continuously.

for a long time as it may result in incomplete nutrients. The risk of parasites or mercury accumulating in the body.

Wash your hands thoroughly after touching raw fish. Including cleaning the kitchen Kitchen equipment and the surface area that cook with raw fish is always clean In order to avoid bringing infected fish that contaminate with raw fish to the menu or other containers.

In addition, pregnant women should be especially careful when eating raw fish. Because it may be at risk of contracting bacterial parasites and may be exposed to too much mercury Until having effects or harmful to the fetus .

Nails tell disease abnormal conditions that should not be ignored

Did you know that our nails can tell abnormalities of the body ? Especially when there are white spots in the middle of the nails. The appearance of a white nail root, which many people may see as normal. And often let go because I think Harmless But let me tell you that  is not something you should be overlooked. Because just a little abnormality in the nails. It may mean multiple risk conditions Disease ever Well then. Let’s see if caused the nails problem and how to fix it?

What is the nails caused?

When there are white spot on our nails. Ever wondered how those nail and How did it happen? The reasons for the occurrence of the claw are from 4 reasons which are.

1. Caused by lack of certain nutrients or vitamins.

When the body is lacking certain nutrients or vitamins. Will show symptoms clearly. With the appearance of white claws on our nails. Which in the form of large claws In which vitamins or nutrients are lacking are B vitamins and zinc. But not often found.

2. Caused by being poisoned when exposed to poisonous substances such as arsenic or heavy metal poisoning. May be a white nail up because the body is trying to resist toxins. The body is toxic with the appearance of white nails.

3. Nails causing bumps.

The most common cause of nails . Is the nail bumping into something or a small accident directly to the nails. Resulting in the cells that are regenerated completely and formed a white spot that can be called a nails.

4. Conditions from certain diseases.

In addition to the 3 causes mentioned above .The nail may also occur from certain diseases, such as liver disease and typhoid fever. In this case, if you are wondering whether you have these diseases or not. Should see a doctor to diagnose the true cause Effects when the body lacks vitamin B. When the body lacks vitamin B In addition to having white spots on the nails known as claws. They also have a number of effects on our health, including frequent beriberi on the foreskin. Or may be cramp, fatigue, limb muscles do not work, causing sometimes feeling the limbs exhaustion, nausea, vomiting and anorexia. Easy racers Frequent muscle aches. Especially the calf area.

Effects when the body lacks zinc minerals.

Zinc deficiency is one of the reasons that causes nails . May seem harmless but when left for a long time. Can also have a negative effect on health which has effects when the body lacks zinc.

Such as depression Lack of concentration and easily irritated. Some people may be at risk of being short-minded,Bored with food,Eat less. Therefore making the body more nutritious than before unusual hair loss And may have dry skin and brittle nails. Affecting the endocrine system If born in a child Will have symptoms of small genitalia, not growing with age And if born in adults . May be at risk of erectile dysfunction.

Nail and symptoms that indicate they are suffering from liver disease. If you suspect that white nails. Dashing or a patch on the nail. Will be caused by liver disease can be observed with the following symptoms,fatigue, tiredness and weight loss quickly surprisingly, less lust.  May be at risk of erectile dysfunction in the future. Pain in the right rib area When trying to feel Will find lumpy.  In the yellow eyes or may be associated with jaundice. Because the liver is abnormal, it is not able to bile out like a newborn baby whose liver is still not working properly.

The claws and symptoms that indicate they are suffering from typhoid fever. When suspected that the nails is caused by the typhoid fever.  Can  observe from joint symptoms . Therefore have a high fever Which each day will gradually Higher and higher From morning until late at night, there was chills and headache, with a red rash on his body. But will disappear by itself for 2-5 days A sore throat and a lot of exhaustion, muscle aches.

How to prevent the occurrence of nails?

Prevents nails from bumping. Try to be careful not to bump the nails. Or an accident affecting the nail because the space that was rebuilt may not be complete. Until  scratch White, also known as a nails.  Therefore, if it is necessary to work at high risk of impact, should wear gloves to protect nails.

Eating too much dessert Be careful of the old face!


• Sugar destroys collagen.
• Blood sugar binding to proteins. Causing something called AGEs
• eating too much sugar Also makes the skin more easily hurt by sunlight.
• Sugar doesn’t just make our faces wilt only!

Its our favorite nectar dessert that is eaten every holiday.

who eats every time when meeting a friend. The advantage is delicious, relieving stress, but overeating. Be careful, the skin will wilt quickly, unknowingly! Did you know that just we reduced the dessert? Youthful face up to 5 years and vice versa If we only eat sweets every day What will happen to our skin.

To relieve doubt Let’s see some secrets that desserts can have on the skin. Why do you eat a lot after having a fast face?

Why eating dessert harm the beauty?

Because sugar is a destroyer of “collagen” in our skin layers, enough collagen is destroyed. Our skin will become less elastic. And causing more wrinkles Many people may wonder again that Why is sugar delicious? Why does it destroy collagen? Because when sugar enters our body, it causes a process that causes Blood sugar to bind to proteins.

Resulting in something called AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that destroy collagen fibers. Which is responsible for maintaining firmness and elasticity of the skin Resulting in dry skin, sagging, and eventually wrinkles. In addition, AGEs also reduce the antioxidants in our body. Makes our skin more easily harmed by sunlight Considered to be squared ever.

Dessert doesn’t just wilt your face

The problem of withered or consider aging skin is the most prominent sugar effect. But do you know that Desserts don’t just make my face wilt only. But is also the cause of many skin problems, including.

1. oily face

The higher the amount of sugar in the blood => The insulin amount is higher. Which is the higher the insulin The sebaceous gland will produce more oil only. And as you know The oiliness on the face is a favorite of bacteria that cause acne. Also, the skin is more likely to clog easily than before.

2. Cause inflammation

The fluctuating amount of sugar in the blood causes inflammation in the body. And any inflammation Whatever happens to the skin Will lead to many more problems such as acne and red allergic rash.

3. Dehydrated dry skin

Did you know that Sugar, in addition to causing blood sugar levels to rise? Also absorbs water from skin cells. Is the reason why our skin is dehydrated, looks dry, swollen, and also causes dark circles under the eyes?  That look so bad! we should eat no more than a few grams of sugar.

The right amount for the body And does not cause skin problems

• Men:  should not eat more than 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons per day
• Women:  should not eat more than 25 grams or 5 teaspoons per day

Sugar that is often found in foods that we eat. How much sugar is there?

• 1 cup Bingsu contains 116 grams
of sugar • 1 plate of honey toast has 36.75 grams of sugar
• 1 serving of pancakes with ice cream contains 35.25 grams of sugar
• Toast topped with custard contains 10.4 grams of sugar
• 1 apple of sugar , 19 g
• coffee mocha sweet least one glass of 7.6 g
• 1 orange sugar 12 g
• 1 guava balls of sugar , 4.7 grams.

If you don’t want to eat sugar at the normal level. You probably already know what you should eat and what to avoid. Another important thing is The sugar that we use to cook in the food If we do it ourselves. it’s easier to control. By easily reducing sugar.


5 Tips for solving sunburn problems


For women who are worried about sunburn skin problems.If you’ve tried many tips But still can’t solve. Today, we have 4 tips that work for effective sunburn treatment. Which can guarantee the results will definitely like you.

1. Use skin cream containing menthol.

Skin cream containing menthol to help take care of. Revitalizes sunburn skin very well Just focus on applying the cream to the affected area. Cold effect from menthol good for reduce the burning sensation.  Also to makes the skin feel comfortable . In this way, results can be seen from 2 days of use.

2. Tomatoes and curd to cure sunburn.

This recipe only brings fresh tomatoes. Grind and mix with the curd that is prepared. From then, to mask the sunburn. Leave for about 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Tomatoes contain lycopene that helps revitalize the skin from UV rays. When doing this formula regularly Will make the skin brighter as well.

3. Coconut oil for sunburn

In coconut oil is rich in vitamin E. That can alleviate the inflammation of the sunburn to alleviate And also helps to restore moisture to the skin as well Just put a cotton ball moistened with coconut oil on the sunburned skin every morning and evening. This is the sunburn of the skin in that area will gradually improve and the skin becomes moist and smooth again.

4. Vinegar for sunburn

Many young women may not yet know that vinegar has special properties that help restore sunburn. Just wet the towel moistened with vinegar. And applied to the affected skin area Leave it for about 15 minutes. This formula can be done every day. Which will cause sunburn skin gradually clearly faded.

Although there are 4 tips to overcome sunburn. We should find ways to prevent sun exposure. By applying sunscreen every day. Do not expose to the sun for a long time between the time 10.00 – 16.00 hrs. Only this will protect the skin from sunburn well.

Whitening teeth !! Do not need to reconcile dangerous chemicals.

Many people would be lacking confidence and not daring to smile confidently. Because of the yellow teeth problem, right? If yes, today we have some easy tips. That will help change the color of the yellow teeth into white teeth again With foods that are not chemicals that come together as follows.
1. Cheese
That’s right, you can’t read wrongly, because after we finish eating the meal, chewing a small piece of cheese on it will help prevent tooth decay. And helps to add minerals to the enamel layer Which the enamel layer is the part that makes the teeth whiter.
2. Chewing gum
While chewing gum Saliva is produced more than usual. The acid from saliva helps to clean the teeth. And can help fight bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, in addition to the acid in the saliva, the teeth will be whiter and cleaner. Also helps to reduce the chance of tooth decay as well.
3. Fresh orange peel or dried orange peel
Use the inside of the fresh orange peel to rub the teeth. Or take the fresh orange peel to dry in the sun Grind thoroughly and then brush your teeth. Then use the toothpaste to clean the back again Just this will make your teeth come back white again.
4. Strawberry
Grind 1-2 fresh strawberries, grind thoroughly. Then brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes then rinse. Or brush your teeth again. This method is whitening the teeth naturally without having to rely on chemicals. But don’t forget to wash the strawberry thoroughly.
5. Banana peel
Use the inside of the banana peel to scrub the teeth for about 3 minutes because the banana peel contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese that will help absorb dirt and whiten the teeth.
6. Apple
Did you know that chewing apples can also help whiten teeth? Because Apple has a mild acid that has the ability to help clean the surface of the teeth. Especially the yellow stains caused by drinking tea and coffee We just eat apples after meals. The acid in the apple will then be able to scrub the yellow stains on the teeth surface to be whiter.
7. Carrots

Eating carrots after meals, like apples, can also help whiten teeth. Because carrots have mild acids Look at the rabbit’s teeth. Will see that they have clean, white teeth without yellow stains when firing at all.

Aside from the natural whitening methods that are deposited in these 7 methods, do not forget that taking care of your oral health and teeth to be always in accordance with hygiene principles, such as brushing your teeth properly. Frequent use of dental floss Including mouthwash after every meal It will help us have healthy teeth for a long time.

Lack of sleep is harmful ?

Not enough sleep or sleep too much No type is good for health because both of them are bad signs. That may make our physical health worse to the point of becoming  ill.

Usually, the correct sleep according to international standards. To sleep for 6-8 hours per day. But in those who like to sleep late Or can’t sleep Until becoming a little sleeper, insufficient resting body. Makes the risk of enteritis the source of bowel cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases followed.
People who sleep more than 8 hours are not healthy as well. Because it causes the risk of brain aging beyond Causing dementia, depression, ischemic stroke And acute heart disease, etc. These diseases will not cause bad signs in the early stages. There will be a deviation of the sleep system, such as from being used to wake up early. May become awake late Or to the point of not being able to sleep at all. Can go to sleep in the morning instead and later the body symptoms. That are continuously abnormal, such as never having a headache. May be very painful Until causing the symptoms of migraine.

By dividing the group of people with the disease that comes with sleep into 2 groups as follows.

Group of people with insufficient sleep.


Not enough sleep Is to sleep less from insomnia, to work Or read the examination book until late And the modern lifestyle That has to have a nightly party almost every day When accumulated over a long day, it will cause many problems. Whether waking up late, having strong body odor, feeling stressed, easily irritated, and finally, chronic insomnia Because the body and brain are used to staying up late at night. Until causing many other health problems .

1. Bowel cancer.

Popular diseases of people living in modern life Go to bed late but have to get up early to work or school Had breakfast And eating only useless food Never exercise. Until causing the deterioration of the internal system Especially the intestines. Until it became inflamed intestine and spread to colon cancer in the end.
It is obvious that the beginning of this disease is to stay up late. Studies and research have found that in 1,240 people, 47% of people who sleep less than 6 hours have symptoms of colon cancer. More than those who slept at least 7 hours.

2. Coronary heart disease.

Protein substances in us. Will accumulate more in our hearts when we naturally wake up. If we don’t sleep Or stay up late at night with these protein substances. Which will increase the adhesion of the arteries Until causing blockages.  There was research among people who did not sleep for 88 hours. The results show that abnormally high blood pressure and in women younger than 60 years, It will be double risk  of heart disease.

3. Diabetes.

When people with diabetes don’t get enough rest Will cause blood glucose levels A rapid increase of 23% including insulin levels in the blood Is rapidly rising up to 48%. In some research found that People with diabetes already. Will also cause insulin resistance due to insufficient sleep.

4. The body system

malfunctions Digestive system malfunction Causing flatulence, indigestion, poor digestion And defecation is not normal Sometimes diarrhea, but sometimes constipation suddenly. Because the stomach is tired Therefore resulting in poor digestion.

5. Chronic insomnia

In some people it may take more than 30 minutes to be able to sleep. Or may be asleep, staying awake all night until awakening in the middle of the night And then can no longer sleep And insomnia Also results in frequent visits to the bathroom all night Because the body needs to absorb more water than normal people Which must have symptoms like this for more than 1 month to be called chronic insomnia.

6. Erectile dysfunction

Because insomnia will cause hormones “Testosterone” is lower, which leads to decreased sexual desire. From a doctor’s examination It can be seen that the majority of people who have sexually impaired Often caused by a little rest. Also couldn’t sleep all night.

7. Mood swings easily.

When not sleeping Woke up early and therefore became exhausted. Not active Until causing feeling irritated, easily upset than usual And also make wrong decisions Since the brain that does not rest often does not work well. And when stress occurs It will be followed by body odor at various points of the body that will be stronger as well.

How to fix insufficient sleep.

1. Try to set your own time to sleep. And freeing the brain Stop thinking about stories.

2. Refrain from drinking tea, coffee and various foods that contain substances That can stimulate the brain before going to bed Eat food on time Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating heavy food. Or heavy meat before bed because it will make it more uncomfortable to the stomach and cause insomnia.

3. Exercise to allow the body to sweat. Makes the brain clear.

4. Stop playing computer And communication of all kinds before bed And turn off the lights to make the bedroom quiet. To make the atmosphere in sleep look more pleasing to sleep.

5. Should choose a standard bed Sleep comfortably, not hard and too soft Along with finding a pillow that supports the head perfectly.

People who sleep more are at risk of dementia ~ general knowledge Knowledge around the story.

2. The group of people with excessive sleep

Hypersomnia is a disease that sleeps excessively. Or sluggish. The more that he felt was not enough sleep and will sleep for longer than 8 hours will appear sluggish, lifeless, eat less, but easily fat. Because sleep causes the stomach to become indigestion.

Resulting in a food and fat accumulation. In addition, 49% can cause depression. Consider more than normal people. Is a long-term disadvantage. That may cause us to think of suicide And have symptoms of other diseases as follows.

1. Attack the brain because it will cause the brain to become sluggish. What causes it to do? And thinking slowly Become lifeless Move less Therefore, it is the cause that causes osteoporosis.

2. Obesity. Being overweight can result in many other diseases, including heart disease, pressure, diabetes, etc. Even if you eat less, you can become obese. Because the stomach doesn’t work properly

3. Becoming depressed Mood swings Life is not happy, which in 2012 was studied with a group of elderly women. In people who sleep more than 9 hours a day and less than 5 hours a day, the brain will work worse in 2 years because of hormones in the body and chemicals “serotonin” and “endorphin “That is the substance of happiness falling.

How to fix excessive sleep

1. Go to bed on time every day. And when you wake up, get up Do not extend the time to sleep again.

2. Eating 5 groups of healthy foods and avoiding beverages That contains all types of caffeine

3. Find simple bedtime activities that can make you do every night, such as finding a good book to read, comb your hair so that you can adjust. And improving sleep

4. Don’t be scared until you don’t dare to sleep Or forcing yourself not to sleep Because he was afraid that he would sleep too long If you do that, it will cause sleep patterns to become inaccurate. Until it may become insomnia Or sleep longer than before Which will adversely affect both health.

Is Processed Food really dangerous for Health?

Is Processed Food really dangerous for Health?

Many people are well aware that eating processed foods like crunchy snacks. Semi-finished foods, sausages and sodas may have a negative impact on health and are at risk for various health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Are they actually harmful to health? Can be studied from the following information.

How is processed food?

The United States Department of Agriculture has defined the definition of processed food as  a raw food that undergoes a natural process change for food characteristics. Whether rice color Washing, cutting, decorating, slicing, drying, using heat, seasoning. Preserving food High temperature disinfection, freezing, pickling, storage of food in packaging.
Including the use of various substances in food such as preservatives. Nutrient addition and flavoring food with salt, sugar, or fat, etc.
From the above definition, it may be concluded.   The process of preparing food and cooking is all a process that causes food to be transformed into almost completely changed.

Processed food is a real danger to health?

Many researchers believe that eating too many processed foods can lead to poor nutrition and high risk of obesity. Especially ready-to-eat processed foods that can be consumed quickly and conveniently.

In which the researchers divided the processed foods into 4 types as follows.


Processed food

This type of food provides up to 63 percent of the amount of calories you should consume per day. Which is a food group that has been transformed so that it cannot be recognized what the original food is made from, such as sausages , frozen food, margarine bread, ice cream and confectionery.

Medium processed food is a food that has been processed to extend the shelf life It provides about 30 percent of the amount of calories that should be eaten per day. Examples of this type of food are polished rice, pasta, peanut butter, cheese, butter, yogurt, ham, jam and canned food.

Food that has been slightly processed.

This type of food provides about 7 percent of the amount of calories you should consume per day. Processed but not processed to remove any part of the food such as nuts, eggs, brown rice, milk, vegetables, fresh fruit and meat, etc.

Ready-to-eat food.

This type of food provides 64 percent of the amount of calories you should consume per day. Which will be food that is wrapped in the packaging. Consumers can eat straight away or some types may need to be warmed before eating.

In addition, processed foods and ready-to-eat meals tend to contain high amounts of sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. Although the said ingredients will enhance the taste of food. Extend food life for longer Or may help to make meat easier to eat But at the same time, it may cause the body to receive more salt, sugar, fat as well as calories than the recommended daily amount.

Processed foods to avoid.

Even today, processed foods are more convenient and easier to consume. However, eating too much of some processed foods can pose a risk to health as well. The processed food that should be avoided are as follows.

Instant noodles

Just one pack of noodles contains about 2,000 milligrams of sodium. Which is 500 milligrams more than the recommended daily rate by the American Heart Association.

Bacon is a food that is high in sodium. If eating a lot, may lead to high blood pressure. Bacon also contains saturated fats associated with heart disease and obesity. There are also a lot of preservatives. Which may cause various health problems such as headache or may lead to serious diseases such as cancer etc.

Ketchup, although using a small amount of ketchup in food may not be harmful. But if eaten regularly, it may adversely affect health as well Because in the tomato sauce there are many additives such as sugar and salt. In addition, most calories in tomato sauce are from sugar.

How to eat processed food to be safe for health?

Because salt, sugar, and fat in processed foods are uncontrollable, therefore, before buying processed foods Always read the nutrition label before making sure that it doesn’t contain excessive amounts of salt, sugar or fat. Currently, traffic light labels are used to give consumers a better understanding of nutrition in how much each food product contains.

To make a decision before eating With details as follows
  • Green means the amount of nutrients is within the appropriate criteria. But should not eat more than 2 servings per day.
  • Yellow means the amount of nutrients is at a moderate level. But should not eat more than 1 serving per day.
  • Red means the amount of nutrients is higher than the limit. Should avoid the consumption of such nutrients in the next meal.However, consumers should choose to buy processed foods that have a green and yellow nutrition symbol. But with a little red symbol For health benefits and to prevent problems from excessive exposure to certain substances.