Side effects of Eating too much protein

Some people want to lose weight and therefore eat less carbs and increase their protein replacement intake. But in fact, a large reduction of carbohydrates can lead to a change in the body’s resistance and metabolic system. 

By consuming more than 30 percent of the calories your body needs, it can cause toxic ketone to build up. Until the kidneys have to work hard to excrete these substances from the body. And also a large amount of water loss Risk of dehydration Especially when exercising hard.

Dehydration  may manifest as weight loss, dizziness, bad breath. And the kidneys work to drive more waste from the body Until resulting in damage to the kidneys and heart accordingly And there may also be a loss of muscle mass and bone calcium.

In addition, in the process of protein degradation, ammonia acid is produced. It is not yet known whether high levels of ammonia in the body due to digestion of large amounts of protein will have long-term adverse effects. For a healthy and normal body, it is best to eat a moderate amount of protein. Not too much or too little

Protein dietary advice for pregnant women

The amino acids in proteins are constituents of the body cells of the mother and fetus. Getting adequate protein nutrition during pregnancy is essential to keep both the mother and the baby healthy. Especially during the second and third trimesters, which is the period when the baby is growing rapidly.

A pregnant woman needs from 40 grams of protein per day to 70 grams per day, depending on their body weight. This may not necessarily be the recommended daily protein intake. But to eat this amount 2-3 per week or for about a week and if you do not eat meat can eat protein from other sources, such as dairy, eggs, nuts or foods made from soy. If you notice that they have lost weight Muscle weakness Frequent infections And with water retention That may be a sign that you are not eating enough protein.

However, not all meats are safe. Pregnant mothers should avoid eating certain predatory large fish, especially sharks, eagles or swordfish. These fish often contain mercury and are thought to be high in high amounts that can affect the brain growth of infants and young children. It is best to eat other types of fish during pregnancy during pregnancy.

contains essential amino acids for the body. It is responsible for strength building and aiding in the work of bones, muscles and skin. Even though the human body is able to make nine amino acids, it still needs to get 11 more amino acids from the diet. Meat Various animal products, nuts, including rice and grains. Which contains all essential amino acids that are sufficient for the body’s needs .