What are the different values ​​of color of vegetables and fruits?

Did you know that the colors Contained in plants are useful and play a role as well as vitamins ever. Marfar Guason,
who is interested in plant chemistry, has separated them roughly enough to be easily understood as follows.

Red substance.

It contains Cycopene as the red pigment in watermelon, tomato, betacycin, gives red color in pomegranate, beetroot and canberry. Both of these substances. They are antioxidants, or Antioxydants, that help prevent the development of many cancers

Orange substances.

 vegetables and fruits such as papaya and carrots contain betacarotene, which is potent. Antioxidant This is the formation of Ma Meng, pale white people who eat a lot of papaya or carrots, their skin looks beautiful yellow. The Ministry of Agriculture The United States declares that eating 2-3 carrots per day will help lower cholesterol levels. Or fat in the blood Thai people who have been experimenting with eating impulsive papaya for up to 2 years will help change skin color. The blemish function can be cured without having to rely on anti-blemish cream at all

Yellow substance.

Lutein Pigment is a yellow substance that gives color to corn, helping to prevent the degeneration or light color of the retina eyes. Which is one of the reasons That makes the elderly invisible.

Green Pigment

Chlorophyll is a substance that gives green to vegetables. Green vegetables For vegetables, vegetables that are dark green have more chlorophyll, such as gourd, kale, broccoli, Cha Plu, Centella, etc., and chlorophyll. Is very valuable Scientists say When chlorophyll is digested It has a very strong power in the prevention of cancer. It also eliminates Various foul odors in people with

purple substances 

The purple plant contains anthocyanin (anthocyanin), which gives the purple color. What you see in pea flowers, cabbage, apple skin, maui, eggplant, blackberry, blueberry, scientists have discovered that This substance helps to neutralize the substance. The substance and substance Anthocyanin is also active in the expansion of blood vessels. Reduces the risk In heart disease And paralysis too .