YoYo symptoms , effects and negative effects on the body

The body into the cycle of weight swings up and down Inevitably affects health as described above Causing the consequences including

1. Become fatter than before.

When we diet An abnormally rapid decrease in fat mass Leptin, which makes us feel less full, makes us hungry more and more often to compensate for what our body thinks there is not enough energy in our body to survive. In conjunction with the wrong diet, the muscle mass decreases, the more the body burns and wants to store as much energy as possible. Research has shown that 1 in 3 people who lose weight in these wrong ways will regain obesity within a year and gain more weight than before. Plus, the next weight loss will be even more difficult.

2. Increased fat Loss of muscle mass

During the weight gain from yo-yo The effect may make body fat more easily accumulated. Fat may accumulate in various parts of the body including internal organs. This may make the next weight loss harder than before, because losing weight too quickly may lose muscle mass, leading to a decrease in the body’s metabolism. (Check out this article to learn more about your metabolism and how it can help increase your metabolic rate)  , especially in diet and non-exercise groups. Debilitate The solution is to eat enough protein each day. Along with regular resistance exercise

3. Health problems

Fasting or undereating early in the weight loss journey Causing the body to lack nutrients, causing dry skin Brittle nails and hair Unusual hair loss A weakened immune system

When weight gain from yo-yo symptoms It also negatively affects the heart and kidneys. Increased blood pressure Risk of type 2 diabetes, weight gain increases the risk of developing fatty liver disease. High blood pressure, heart disease, increased bone mineral loss in elderly women. Additionally, failure to lose weight can also lead to a loss of self-respect. Self confidence Chronic stress Including eating disorders.

How to effectively fix and stop the yo-yo effect

Change the way you think Health comes first

Turn to a sustainable way to take care of your body and figure Do not use shortcuts or be quick. Temporarily changing the way you lose weight by limiting your diet. Is the correct way to choose healthy food And to change dietary habits in order to maintain a healthy body weight and improve long-term health Try changing your goal from focusing on the numbers on the scales to better long-term health, says weight loss expert Dr. Sean Pierre Montani.

You don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods that are bad for your weight. Just eat in smaller quantities Effective and permanent changes are due to small but consistent changes and, most importantly, it must fit into our lifestyles.

Eat foods that are natural and healthier.

Including fruits and vegetables, less sweet Nuts By increasing the amount of these foods Turn to eating as the first thing in your meals to help you feel fuller. Because foods that contain natural dietary fiber help us get full and stomach. It also contains nutrients that are necessary for the body. And should choose to eat a variety of vegetables In addition, an important tip is Stop eating when we’re 80% full, no need to eat to be super full with every meal Because eating the most full, it is one of the reasons why we can gain weight. Because the brain commands that fullness slower than it actually is

Cut out certain foods

These foods include Foods that are high in energy but low in nutrients Or foods processed through the junk food industry, especially foods high in fat, sugar, sodium, or foods that may affect both short-term and long-term health, such as french fries, pizza, soft drinks, high sugar drinks Various ready meals Eating home-made meals is probably the best bet because you can choose your own quality ingredients and nutrients.

Eat good carbs and avoid foods high in carbs and sugar.

Carbohydrate foods, especially those that have been refined or processed in many ways, turn into sugar quickly. (It is advisable to read the blog in this link to recognize and extract the good and bad carbohydrates for your body.) It makes you hungry easily and often get hungry. Potatoes, breads, sweets, and bakery items, and some fruits may be high in carbohydrates. Therefore, it should be consumed with caution in moderation. It is important to eat enough protein and good fats and drink enough water per day.  

Get enough quality sleep

It helps restore the body and is the time when the body can burn energy to its full potential. Therefore should sleep at least 6-8 hours a day And manage stress to improve sleep quality

Exercise regularly

Should allow the body to move and move frequently By doing activities to keep the body moving and active always. Or choose to play sports or exercise in a way that suits your body Both using resistance to help build and maintain muscle Or cardio to use energy to reduce activities such as watching TV Or playing with your mobile phone too much .