Yoyo effect Nightmare of people wanting a good figure.

Yo-Yo is the symptom of the weight swung up and down. I became fat, then lost weight until thin, then it bounced back to gain weight again. It’s a cycle that happens like a yo-yo top. So it is called the Yoyo effect. Entering the Yoyo Effect circuit is a big deal for many and it often gets discouraged by taking care of your body.

Yoyo effect Knowing the cause, correct the point, will be permanently out of this cycle Without going back to fat again.

Cause Yoyo symptoms Negative effect on the body Solution

What’s worse is that the yo-yo effects can damage your health and may lead to other health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., but don’t worry. You have come to the right place With this block, let’s get to know yoyo symptoms, their causes and solutions, and prevent them from returning to that cycle again.

Yoyo effect is

The body’s and mind’s response to overactive weight loss, such as taking diet pills. We try to control our food by eating less. Reduce calories you consume per day (calorie restriction), fasting, changing food types by stopping certain food categories.

Such as carbohydrates, or exercising vigorously to use more energy than you consume over a long period At one point, the body is unable to tolerate a condition that continually consumes less food than the energy it consumes per day.

At that point The body begins to enter survival mode. The hypothalamus, the frontal brain, which serves Regulating the vital processes of life reduces the body’s energy expenditure to match the energy it receives, said Dr. Matthew Thorp, MD, a specialist in body mechanics and diet.

Again said Our body’s fat cells are also responsible for producing a hormone leptin, which communicates with the brain when the body has stored enough fat. Of course, when we lose weight The lower the fat content, the lower the leptin hormone makes us hungry.

YoYo’s symptoms, the hormonal balance effect started to flurry. 

As a result, weight loss will stop suddenly and make the body feel hungry and need more energy in order to continue life. Combined with the body’s metabolism less to maintain energy due to insufficient intake of calories. It will cause food, appetite, endless hunger, eating, never ceasing, not full, not satisfied.  It may be an eating disorder (binge eating), but the body’s metabolism decreases. Becomes a cycle that makes you come back to fatter than before you start losing weight again.

When the weight does not lose as desired.

It will cause stress. And an increase in stress hormones Cortisol: The stress that builds up in the body leads to the release of the hunger hormone Grelin Hormone. It aggravates the resulting conditions even more seriously, affecting your health, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Anyone who reads and qualifies Now that you know it. keep reading as we have a few ways to help you break this cycle. First of all adjust the idea. People tend to set goals for losing weight that are exaggerated, such as over 3 years of obesity.