Manage your cravings for sweets, keep your sugar under control with 5 ways for people to lose weight

Today’s people already consume a lot of flour. Plus both drinks Many snacks with even more sugar Causing the consumption of sugar more than necessary for the body Many people are addicted to sweetness. It is very necessary for people who want to control their weight. Manage your dessert cravings Because sugar, in addition to consuming a lot, will cause fat It is also the source of many diseases such as diabetes, high blood.

The World Health Organization sees diabetes as a rapidly growing threat. Therefore, the World Health Organization recommends that people consume only 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, or 24 grams, or 29.57 milliliters.

Knowing this Many people are addicted to sweetness.

so we look for ways to manage their cravings for dessert. For a slim figure and good health.

1 Eat more protein

If we add protein to meals and snacks Protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels. And helps suppress the craving for sweets. In addition, protein also increases food
Increase protein and fiber in your diet. Help you full longer Continue to practice eating until you become addicted, the habit will eventually stop your addiction to sweetness.

    2. Gradually reduce the sweetness, do not break raw

For many people, the raw deduction of flour and sugar of all kinds. May be done in only a short time But cannot change their behavior in the long term It’s not just the brain’s addiction to sugar. But the difficulty in quitting sugar addiction is that every time we have a craving for sugar. Will allow us to accelerate eating

   3. Eat more fiber.

Consume more fresh vegetables. May combine with unsweetened fruit The technique is to eat vegetables in large quantities before anything else. Who doesn’t eat that much vegetables? Try turning to grains, nuts, such as almonds or fruits and berries. To reduce hunger to consume less starch and sugar. And drink more water

After that, gradually reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates. And in a few weeks, we will have less sugar cravings.  The American Heart Association  recommends eating fiber-rich foods like kale, green salad, broccoli, which are low in calories at 14 grams per serving. 1,000 calories eaten

      4. Get rid of the fat snacks and stock up on clean ones instead.

Must accept the fact that if you will maintain a sustainable shape Putting all snacks out of your life can only be temporary. And then punched it later What we recommend is to gradually build new healthy habits and develop them into habits. Stop buying sweets into
Very low-sugar fiber-fortified protein bars are plant-based, perfect for pre- or post-workout meals, or as a substitute for a traditional snack. Available for both vegetarians and milkshakes

   5. Focus on other matters.

Go for a walk, jog, or do other activities. In order for the mind to focus on other matters Relaxing, not obsessed with sugar or candy cravings. Go out to change the atmosphere or look at the photos of idols that inspire us to want to lose body shape. (Follow to inspire the 8 god fit gods to increase
• We’ll look at all the healthy idols’ Instagram to distract the dessert. Or maybe you can just turn yourself into yoga by yourself (photo from instagram: AmandaBisk)

• More importantly, it is a great opportunity to increase your physical activity by exercising. Start with simple activities such as walking, short runs, or yoga, and gradually increase your movement time to help maintain your blood sugar balance. And increased energy Therefore contributing to reducing eating sweets to relieve stress

• More importantly, you should encourage yourself. And not so strict that it was born Because reducing sugar cravings is not easy and requires a strong mind. Self discipline It may be difficult at first, but if you pass through, you will have a more lasting, stronger mental and physical health.

•motivation to exercise to be in shape )

Drink enough clean water each day. Sometimes craving for something sweet is a sign that The body is dehydrated Try drinking a glass of water. Try slicing a fruit mixture into it, such as yellow lemons, strawberries, or a few apples to add flavor and vitamins to your water. In addition, drinking enough clean water as the body needs. It also helps the intestines get rid of bad bacteria more effectively.

Sometimes it may be stressful from not eating sweet. Therefore, you must keep a good balance. Absolutely not overdoing it At times, it may be necessary to eat a little bit of sweetness in order to recognize the taste in exchange for increasing the body’s stress sugar levels. However, choose to eat food that is natural and without added flavoring. Many times, hidden sugars get into our food that we can’t imagine. Therefore, they must not be overlooked as well, such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, pasta sauce, and many salad dressings are high in sugar.

Always keep in mind that “sugar is sugar”, whether it is brown sugar or white sugar, or even honey, coconut sugar that can reduce the level of absorption into the bloodstream more slowly than sugar. Can cause harm if consumed a lot Therefore, it should not be consumed as well. In addition, it is best to cut back on foods such as refined starches, which eventually turn into sugar, especially avoid jasmine rice, glutinous rice, mashed potatoes or chips. And during the period when the starch cannot be reduced Can avoid consuming brown rice Whole Wheat Spaghetti

the house. So that there is no temptation in the house And in order not to regret these foods that are in the house

If you are addicted to snacks, before every purchase, turn to read the label. And you will understand that Trying to do heavy exercise Or eat less main meals, but why fat Celulite is not going anywhere. Check the number of carbohydrates, sugar, fiber compared to many things to help make a choice. Some lotteries (Especially drinks) that may separate the sugar into many types. All types of sugar must be counted as the proportion of sugar, such as sugar, fructose, honey, maple syrup.

Eliminate packaged snacks loaded with oil, sugar, starch, trans fats, gluten. Foods with chemicals are better off of life. And try to find nuts Whole grains, such as raw almonds that are high in calcium. Cashew nuts In which those grains are rich in good fats Plus full of fiber Therefore good for weight control Helps to remove excess fat in the body

And fiber also improves the digestive system as well. Or a clean, less sweet, fiber and protein stick to your body at work, at home, when you’re hungry. These will help alleviate hunger. And add more value to yourself But don’t eat too much Because the only formula that will maintain shape and maintain fitness is Eat less than the burnt out

more carbohydrates or sugar To compensate for that craving

After that, the pancreas produces insulin to bring the sugar to the body’s cells. When sugar has entered the cells It will cause the sugar in the bloodstream to fall until it may be dangerous. Making us crave sugar again and again In the end, sugar addicts couldn’t stop. And try not to use artificial sugars Because artificial sugars may stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. This causes a hypoglycemia which will cause more sugar cravings during sugar starvation.

It started with “reducing” sugar that was used to condition the tongue to get the taste of unsweetened food better. Try to cut out more and more sweet foods each week. If sugar is added to tea or coffee, then lower the amount. And if necessary, add sugar that does not accelerate the liver’s production of insulin or residues in the blood. In particular, sugar with the Glycemic Index index, such as coconut nectar, etc. If you do this over and over, the sweetness of the perception of the tongue will gradually decrease.

satisfaction. It is finer than non-protein foods, and it burns more calories than other foods. (Read more about how protein can help increase the  metabolism of the metabolic system. There are 10 solutions. You can do it immediately. )

While on your diet, try adding grilled chicken breast, grilled fish, or steak to a fresh salad. It helps us feel full and happy and good for the body as well. Or try these protein-packed snack ideas like Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls Wrapped with Grilled Chicken Breast Boiled egg or shrimp Or to eat boiled eggs instead of snacks.

cholesterol. Embolism, etc.

Manage your dessert cravings in 5 ways.

There are two types of rough sugar: natural food sugar. And added sugar Most of them contain sugar in the fair, including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products. Berries, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrient particles But human added sugars such as sugar, soft drinks, desserts only add calories and have almost no health benefits.