Sushi. Harm The Body?

There are many reasons why people choose to eat raw fish instead of cooked fish. Some people may like the taste of raw fish more. It considers more delicious or may believe that eating raw fish will lead to more complete nutrition or may help reduce the risk of various diseases.

Is raw fish really good?

Raw fish is used in many forms of cooking. Varies by popularity of each country like Sashimi in Japan to cut raw fish into bite-sized pieces, eaten with wasabi and soy sauce Italian carpaccio that uses thinly sliced ​​raw fish. to be eaten with a salad.

But aside from the delicious taste There is still some scientific evidence to mention the various benefits of raw fish as follows.

Nutrient supplement

Eating certain types of raw fish can give consumers more nutritional benefits from fish meat, such as natural vitamin D. Which is rarely found in other foods and omega-3s that are beneficial for the brain and body. Because some research has found that frying fish can reduce the amount of omega-3.

Strengthen your sperm

A research one, the men of the 188 people who eat fish with vegetables. Fruits and grains found that the sperm of an experiment that looks stronger and more agile than the sperm of the diet.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Eating raw fish instead of cooked fish.  May reduce the risk of cancer because frying fish or grilling fish at high temperatures can cause harmful substances such as Heterocyclic Amine.  In which some research has shown that eating a large amount of food contaminated with this substance May increase the chance of cancer.


Reducing the risk of heart disease

Some fish that are popularly eaten as raw fish, such as salmon, are rich in beneficial nutrients such as omega-3s. Which studies have shown may help against cardiovascular disease.

However, some research is just a study in the laboratory. Therefore, it is difficult to say that raw fish can provide various medical and health benefits. Therefore, the effectiveness of raw fish consumption should be studied by further research in humans. In order to apply the results to adjust and apply people to take appropriate health care in the future.

Caution in consuming raw fish

eating raw fish will give you the benefits mentioned above. But consumers should eat raw fish with caution. Especially the dangers that may be contaminated with raw fish as follows.

Parasites and bacteria

Parasites and bacterial infections are a major health problem in many tropical countries. Such bacteria may be transmitted through drinking water or non-cooked foods such as raw fish. Some studies have shown that eating raw fish can increase the risk of bacterial infections and various parasites, such as liver fluke. Commonly found in people who eat raw freshwater fish or Salmonella bacteria that cause dysentery or cause diarrhea, etc.

of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) or long-lasting residual pollutants found in fish. May be associated with various chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. With research that found that POPs in raw salmon are 26 percent higher in cooked salmon.

Cancer risk

Some researches and medical information found that Consuming raw fish can increase the risk of liver fluke and liver fluke infections. Which is the cause of bile duct cancer and liver cancer as well Currently, this type of illness is often found in the northeastern region of Thailand.

How to consume raw fish safely?

Safe use of raw fish in various menus for health May be done in the following ways.

Choose raw fish from a reliable, clean and standardized source. By buying raw fish placed on ice or in a freezer Along with checking if the fish is fresh or not And do not buy fish that have a foul or fishy odor.

Visual inspection for various parasites in raw fish meat before consumption.

Choose raw fish that have been frozen before. Because freezing raw fish at -20 degrees Celsius for 1 week or freezing raw fish at -35 degrees Celsius for 15 hours may help to kill various parasites, but always be careful. Because the freezer in the household may not cause sufficient cooling.

Should not keep the fish in the refrigerator for too long And should be consumed completely within 2-3 days.

Do not place the fish outside the refrigerator for more than 1-2 hours because the room temperature will cause bacteria to grow faster.

Shouldn’t eat raw fish continuously.

for a long time as it may result in incomplete nutrients. The risk of parasites or mercury accumulating in the body.

Wash your hands thoroughly after touching raw fish. Including cleaning the kitchen Kitchen equipment and the surface area that cook with raw fish is always clean In order to avoid bringing infected fish that contaminate with raw fish to the menu or other containers.

In addition, pregnant women should be especially careful when eating raw fish. Because it may be at risk of contracting bacterial parasites and may be exposed to too much mercury Until having effects or harmful to the fetus .