Nails tell disease abnormal conditions that should not be ignored

Did you know that our nails can tell abnormalities of the body ? Especially when there are white spots in the middle of the nails. The appearance of a white nail root, which many people may see as normal. And often let go because I think Harmless But let me tell you that  is not something you should be overlooked. Because just a little abnormality in the nails. It may mean multiple risk conditions Disease ever Well then. Let’s see if caused the nails problem and how to fix it?

What is the nails caused?

When there are white spot on our nails. Ever wondered how those nail and How did it happen? The reasons for the occurrence of the claw are from 4 reasons which are.

1. Caused by lack of certain nutrients or vitamins.

When the body is lacking certain nutrients or vitamins. Will show symptoms clearly. With the appearance of white claws on our nails. Which in the form of large claws In which vitamins or nutrients are lacking are B vitamins and zinc. But not often found.

2. Caused by being poisoned when exposed to poisonous substances such as arsenic or heavy metal poisoning. May be a white nail up because the body is trying to resist toxins. The body is toxic with the appearance of white nails.

3. Nails causing bumps.

The most common cause of nails . Is the nail bumping into something or a small accident directly to the nails. Resulting in the cells that are regenerated completely and formed a white spot that can be called a nails.

4. Conditions from certain diseases.

In addition to the 3 causes mentioned above .The nail may also occur from certain diseases, such as liver disease and typhoid fever. In this case, if you are wondering whether you have these diseases or not. Should see a doctor to diagnose the true cause Effects when the body lacks vitamin B. When the body lacks vitamin B In addition to having white spots on the nails known as claws. They also have a number of effects on our health, including frequent beriberi on the foreskin. Or may be cramp, fatigue, limb muscles do not work, causing sometimes feeling the limbs exhaustion, nausea, vomiting and anorexia. Easy racers Frequent muscle aches. Especially the calf area.

Effects when the body lacks zinc minerals.

Zinc deficiency is one of the reasons that causes nails . May seem harmless but when left for a long time. Can also have a negative effect on health which has effects when the body lacks zinc.

Such as depression Lack of concentration and easily irritated. Some people may be at risk of being short-minded,Bored with food,Eat less. Therefore making the body more nutritious than before unusual hair loss And may have dry skin and brittle nails. Affecting the endocrine system If born in a child Will have symptoms of small genitalia, not growing with age And if born in adults . May be at risk of erectile dysfunction.

Nail and symptoms that indicate they are suffering from liver disease. If you suspect that white nails. Dashing or a patch on the nail. Will be caused by liver disease can be observed with the following symptoms,fatigue, tiredness and weight loss quickly surprisingly, less lust.  May be at risk of erectile dysfunction in the future. Pain in the right rib area When trying to feel Will find lumpy.  In the yellow eyes or may be associated with jaundice. Because the liver is abnormal, it is not able to bile out like a newborn baby whose liver is still not working properly.

The claws and symptoms that indicate they are suffering from typhoid fever. When suspected that the nails is caused by the typhoid fever.  Can  observe from joint symptoms . Therefore have a high fever Which each day will gradually Higher and higher From morning until late at night, there was chills and headache, with a red rash on his body. But will disappear by itself for 2-5 days A sore throat and a lot of exhaustion, muscle aches.

How to prevent the occurrence of nails?

Prevents nails from bumping. Try to be careful not to bump the nails. Or an accident affecting the nail because the space that was rebuilt may not be complete. Until  scratch White, also known as a nails.  Therefore, if it is necessary to work at high risk of impact, should wear gloves to protect nails.