Eating too much dessert Be careful of the old face!


• Sugar destroys collagen.
• Blood sugar binding to proteins. Causing something called AGEs
• eating too much sugar Also makes the skin more easily hurt by sunlight.
• Sugar doesn’t just make our faces wilt only!

Its our favorite nectar dessert that is eaten every holiday.

who eats every time when meeting a friend. The advantage is delicious, relieving stress, but overeating. Be careful, the skin will wilt quickly, unknowingly! Did you know that just we reduced the dessert? Youthful face up to 5 years and vice versa If we only eat sweets every day What will happen to our skin.

To relieve doubt Let’s see some secrets that desserts can have on the skin. Why do you eat a lot after having a fast face?

Why eating dessert harm the beauty?

Because sugar is a destroyer of “collagen” in our skin layers, enough collagen is destroyed. Our skin will become less elastic. And causing more wrinkles Many people may wonder again that Why is sugar delicious? Why does it destroy collagen? Because when sugar enters our body, it causes a process that causes Blood sugar to bind to proteins.

Resulting in something called AGEs (advanced glycation end products) that destroy collagen fibers. Which is responsible for maintaining firmness and elasticity of the skin Resulting in dry skin, sagging, and eventually wrinkles. In addition, AGEs also reduce the antioxidants in our body. Makes our skin more easily harmed by sunlight Considered to be squared ever.

Dessert doesn’t just wilt your face

The problem of withered or consider aging skin is the most prominent sugar effect. But do you know that Desserts don’t just make my face wilt only. But is also the cause of many skin problems, including.

1. oily face

The higher the amount of sugar in the blood => The insulin amount is higher. Which is the higher the insulin The sebaceous gland will produce more oil only. And as you know The oiliness on the face is a favorite of bacteria that cause acne. Also, the skin is more likely to clog easily than before.

2. Cause inflammation

The fluctuating amount of sugar in the blood causes inflammation in the body. And any inflammation Whatever happens to the skin Will lead to many more problems such as acne and red allergic rash.

3. Dehydrated dry skin

Did you know that Sugar, in addition to causing blood sugar levels to rise? Also absorbs water from skin cells. Is the reason why our skin is dehydrated, looks dry, swollen, and also causes dark circles under the eyes?  That look so bad! we should eat no more than a few grams of sugar.

The right amount for the body And does not cause skin problems

• Men:  should not eat more than 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons per day
• Women:  should not eat more than 25 grams or 5 teaspoons per day

Sugar that is often found in foods that we eat. How much sugar is there?

• 1 cup Bingsu contains 116 grams
of sugar • 1 plate of honey toast has 36.75 grams of sugar
• 1 serving of pancakes with ice cream contains 35.25 grams of sugar
• Toast topped with custard contains 10.4 grams of sugar
• 1 apple of sugar , 19 g
• coffee mocha sweet least one glass of 7.6 g
• 1 orange sugar 12 g
• 1 guava balls of sugar , 4.7 grams.

If you don’t want to eat sugar at the normal level. You probably already know what you should eat and what to avoid. Another important thing is The sugar that we use to cook in the food If we do it ourselves. it’s easier to control. By easily reducing sugar.