Lack of sleep is harmful ?

Not enough sleep or sleep too much No type is good for health because both of them are bad signs. That may make our physical health worse to the point of becoming  ill.

Usually, the correct sleep according to international standards. To sleep for 6-8 hours per day. But in those who like to sleep late Or can’t sleep Until becoming a little sleeper, insufficient resting body. Makes the risk of enteritis the source of bowel cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases followed.
People who sleep more than 8 hours are not healthy as well. Because it causes the risk of brain aging beyond Causing dementia, depression, ischemic stroke And acute heart disease, etc. These diseases will not cause bad signs in the early stages. There will be a deviation of the sleep system, such as from being used to wake up early. May become awake late Or to the point of not being able to sleep at all. Can go to sleep in the morning instead and later the body symptoms. That are continuously abnormal, such as never having a headache. May be very painful Until causing the symptoms of migraine.

By dividing the group of people with the disease that comes with sleep into 2 groups as follows.

Group of people with insufficient sleep.


Not enough sleep Is to sleep less from insomnia, to work Or read the examination book until late And the modern lifestyle That has to have a nightly party almost every day When accumulated over a long day, it will cause many problems. Whether waking up late, having strong body odor, feeling stressed, easily irritated, and finally, chronic insomnia Because the body and brain are used to staying up late at night. Until causing many other health problems .

1. Bowel cancer.

Popular diseases of people living in modern life Go to bed late but have to get up early to work or school Had breakfast And eating only useless food Never exercise. Until causing the deterioration of the internal system Especially the intestines. Until it became inflamed intestine and spread to colon cancer in the end.
It is obvious that the beginning of this disease is to stay up late. Studies and research have found that in 1,240 people, 47% of people who sleep less than 6 hours have symptoms of colon cancer. More than those who slept at least 7 hours.

2. Coronary heart disease.

Protein substances in us. Will accumulate more in our hearts when we naturally wake up. If we don’t sleep Or stay up late at night with these protein substances. Which will increase the adhesion of the arteries Until causing blockages.  There was research among people who did not sleep for 88 hours. The results show that abnormally high blood pressure and in women younger than 60 years, It will be double risk  of heart disease.

3. Diabetes.

When people with diabetes don’t get enough rest Will cause blood glucose levels A rapid increase of 23% including insulin levels in the blood Is rapidly rising up to 48%. In some research found that People with diabetes already. Will also cause insulin resistance due to insufficient sleep.

4. The body system

malfunctions Digestive system malfunction Causing flatulence, indigestion, poor digestion And defecation is not normal Sometimes diarrhea, but sometimes constipation suddenly. Because the stomach is tired Therefore resulting in poor digestion.

5. Chronic insomnia

In some people it may take more than 30 minutes to be able to sleep. Or may be asleep, staying awake all night until awakening in the middle of the night And then can no longer sleep And insomnia Also results in frequent visits to the bathroom all night Because the body needs to absorb more water than normal people Which must have symptoms like this for more than 1 month to be called chronic insomnia.

6. Erectile dysfunction

Because insomnia will cause hormones “Testosterone” is lower, which leads to decreased sexual desire. From a doctor’s examination It can be seen that the majority of people who have sexually impaired Often caused by a little rest. Also couldn’t sleep all night.

7. Mood swings easily.

When not sleeping Woke up early and therefore became exhausted. Not active Until causing feeling irritated, easily upset than usual And also make wrong decisions Since the brain that does not rest often does not work well. And when stress occurs It will be followed by body odor at various points of the body that will be stronger as well.

How to fix insufficient sleep.

1. Try to set your own time to sleep. And freeing the brain Stop thinking about stories.

2. Refrain from drinking tea, coffee and various foods that contain substances That can stimulate the brain before going to bed Eat food on time Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating heavy food. Or heavy meat before bed because it will make it more uncomfortable to the stomach and cause insomnia.

3. Exercise to allow the body to sweat. Makes the brain clear.

4. Stop playing computer And communication of all kinds before bed And turn off the lights to make the bedroom quiet. To make the atmosphere in sleep look more pleasing to sleep.

5. Should choose a standard bed Sleep comfortably, not hard and too soft Along with finding a pillow that supports the head perfectly.

People who sleep more are at risk of dementia ~ general knowledge Knowledge around the story.

2. The group of people with excessive sleep

Hypersomnia is a disease that sleeps excessively. Or sluggish. The more that he felt was not enough sleep and will sleep for longer than 8 hours will appear sluggish, lifeless, eat less, but easily fat. Because sleep causes the stomach to become indigestion.

Resulting in a food and fat accumulation. In addition, 49% can cause depression. Consider more than normal people. Is a long-term disadvantage. That may cause us to think of suicide And have symptoms of other diseases as follows.

1. Attack the brain because it will cause the brain to become sluggish. What causes it to do? And thinking slowly Become lifeless Move less Therefore, it is the cause that causes osteoporosis.

2. Obesity. Being overweight can result in many other diseases, including heart disease, pressure, diabetes, etc. Even if you eat less, you can become obese. Because the stomach doesn’t work properly

3. Becoming depressed Mood swings Life is not happy, which in 2012 was studied with a group of elderly women. In people who sleep more than 9 hours a day and less than 5 hours a day, the brain will work worse in 2 years because of hormones in the body and chemicals “serotonin” and “endorphin “That is the substance of happiness falling.

How to fix excessive sleep

1. Go to bed on time every day. And when you wake up, get up Do not extend the time to sleep again.

2. Eating 5 groups of healthy foods and avoiding beverages That contains all types of caffeine

3. Find simple bedtime activities that can make you do every night, such as finding a good book to read, comb your hair so that you can adjust. And improving sleep

4. Don’t be scared until you don’t dare to sleep Or forcing yourself not to sleep Because he was afraid that he would sleep too long If you do that, it will cause sleep patterns to become inaccurate. Until it may become insomnia Or sleep longer than before Which will adversely affect both health.