Sweet soda 0% sugar drinks are not really fat?

For those who are addicted to soft drinks but want to control weight Sugar-free soft drinks.  It is like a drink from God that helps to fill the thirst.  That belief is shaken by new research results. It makes us have to be very careful those drinking.

Texas Medical Science Center Have collected data and conducted dietary. Research on dietary soft drinks From 474 people aged between 65 – 74 years for a period of 10 years found that the sample. Who drink 2 dietary soft drinks (or 2 cans) daily.  Weight will increase by 70 percent compared to people who do not drink soft drinks.

The numbers are startling. But why is that?

Scientists found that Artificial sugars may fool our tongue. Actually they can’t deceive our “brain”. According to a brain MRI Scan study.  They found that the brain can distinguish and not satisfy with the taste of artificial sugars.
Why the brain is not satisfy with the artificial sugar?  It is likely that the brain instructs us to eat more food in order to satisfy our needs. Completely the result is Aside from it.  It does not help you lose weight. It also increases the risk of other diseases. That comes with the consumption of sugar such as heart disease, vascular disease as well as diseases related to metabolic processes Which affects the blood sugar level Cholesterol levels and fat around your waist.

However, researchers indicate that Drinking a diet of not more than 2 cans per day. Does not have any harmful effects. Of course it is better than drinking ordinary soda and it has not been found that these sugar substitutes cause cancer.  like That had previously been rumored.

In fact.

In the past 6 years, scientists have done research on this subject. We found the information that confirms similar research. Surprisingly relate to certain relationships between drinkers. Diet carbonated soft drinks with the increase in body weight.
Found that those who drink 1 can of carbonated soft drinks a day will increase the risk of weight gain in the next 7-8 years by 65% ​​and a 41% risk of obesity. These risks will increase. Increased according to the amount of soft drinks you drink each day. People who drink more than 2 cans per day are at increased risk.

That it is better to give up .Soft drink is not a drink that is useful, except for just a little freshness. Trying to reduce, quit, or drink as an opportunity to be better.  There is nothing better than drinking plain water again.

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